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“Avoid at all costs.. Kaylee Hays…”

UPDATE- After hearing from a few other models, the game seems to be that JG scopes out eighteen year olds on Model Mayhem that do regular modeling and tells them they can make huge amounts of money doing adult. They are groomed by first doing nude photo shoots. Very easy to see how a young girl thinks she will do  an adult scene because the money is so good (according to what she is told) but she keeps chickening out when the time is at hand,  as with the story we read below. If JG would like to respond, I’ll post it.


NL- Please consider this John’s opinion. I certainly respect him for sharing it. And yes this girl is HOT….  BUT there seems to be more to the story, then just a flake. Posts on Adultdvdtalk are mentioning that the agent of this girl, has been posing as the girls he represents. Maybe there really is NO Kaylee? Could this be a scam by JG models?  I’ve never heard of them before…


TOTAL Flake Kaylee Hays – Avoid @ All Costs!
To All Producers & Agents:

It’s certainly not my style to publicly bash talent.  In all my years in this business, I only got screwed out of a flight one time, but everyone needs to know about this girl as I respect you all professionally and many of you personally.

Please avoid at all costs, a model named Kaylee Hays @kayleehaysbitch on Twitter.  (NL- her twitter account is gone)  She is repped by JG Models and she’s from LA.  Her agent did try his very best through this situation and it’s not his fault and I want everyone to know that.  It’s totally on Kaylee Hays.

I shoot a lot of my scenes are in Woodland Hills but this was supposed to be a first anal scene that I planned for weeks and I decided to fly her out here to Philadelphia asap.  She burnt me on a $650 flight and she has screwed over several large studios in LA already,as well.  I should have used better judgement knowing this happened to people already.  Good reputable studios and productions.

In addition, it has been said by other studios that she shows up disoriented, on drugs and is heavily intoxicated to the point where she is twitching and shaking.

This is from various studios with reputable names.

I am almost thankful that she DIDN’T shoot for me because it would have been even more wasted money and aggravation.

I have wasted so much time and money going back and forth with her agent who assured me she was getting on a plane.  This girl has screwed up my planning for the beginning of my month and now I need to find a replacement, as this is a busted shoot and a busted update for my websites.

In addition, she has constantly texted her agent that she can’t be in porn anymore and then the next day, she changes her mind because she wants the money and says she’s fine and wants to shoot.  Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.  You’re not going to make thousands of dollars but not do the job and not be a professional.  I don’t care that the girl is 18, that excuse is not longer going to cut it.  This is a business and not a game.

Shame on me for putting blind faith in someone thinking everyone is going to be a professional.

This is why I shoot in LA.  I have had great success in booking girls and flying them here to Philly but this really stings.  I know nobody has a 100% success rate when it comes to bookings even in LA.

I feel so compelled to let all the good people in the industry to avoid this girl at all cost as she may try and come back once she needs money.  She will try and crawl back to someone.  I know the major agencies in LA will never tolerate this type of behavior.  Yes, she’s hot , she’s 18 and blonde, but honestly, it’s not worth wasting time and money.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at

I also included some pictures of this girl.

This immature girl is not going to get away with this without other people knowing.

People know my excellent reputation and my professionalism and for me to do this, is a big deal for me and I’m ALWAYS positive about the industry.

Thanks for listening,

Feet of Philly
Philly Butt Sluts

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