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Award Winning Bound bashed by Skeeter

NL- I thought this movie was good, not great, obviously fans renting it don’t agree with me. But the reason I am posting this is because I love Jim’s comment about Skeeter Kerkove

Jim Powers’ Bound wins Coveted AEBN Award
Powers’ masterpiece is honored as the best renting BDSM title of 2008! January 6, 2009

Chatsworth, CA – When multiple AVN Award winning director Jim Powers received an early morning telegram yesterday he could only guess as to its contents.  Had his rich uncle Henry finally died and left him the family Cucumber farm? Nope, even better!  Powers was stunned and delighted to learn that his fetish masterwork Bound has been named the winner of streaming and VOD giant AEBN’s annual VOD Award for Top BDSM Release.  Jim Powers is extremely thankful to the management and employees of AEBN for this award and for helping Bound reach the biggest audience possible and to realize its full potential.
Winners for AEBN’s prestigious awards are chosen based on the VOD minute sales of their top performing titles in a given calendar year.  “What makes this award even more special,” explains JM publicist Tony Malice, “Is that it comes from the fans.  They are the ones spending their hard earned dollars on these movies to help them accumulate minutes on AEBN’s excellent site.  The fans know what they like, and obviously they love jacking off to this movie.  We couldn’t be any more pleased.”
And to what does Powers attribute the success of Bound?  “When I set out to make this movie I made a conscious effort to differentiate myself from other BDSM films, which as many of you know, are pretty much all crap,” explains Powers, “I wanted to make a BDSM film that was a real movie, not just a bunch dudes in leather masks slapping tattooed pigs in a basement dungeon.  Bound has beautiful women, fascinating sets, amazingly elaborate rope play, intense fetish action, and last but not least, anus twisting, colon stretching anal sex.  Simply put, It’s the best porn movie ever made.”
When Jim released Bound through his Powersville, Inc. label earlier this year there was one notable detractor as to whether the film was worthy of the high level of praise it was receiving.  “As some of you may remember, that unemployed drunk fuck Skeeter Kerkove was blasting me and hating on this amazing movie all over the gossip boards,” Powers explains, “But that marginalized and irrelevant freak probably never even saw the movie, being that his eyes have been plastered shut with tranny cum for years.
“I’m happy that in the end the fans and critics have certainly spoken and my efforts have been recognized and rewarded.  For that, I am truly humbled.”
Bound stars Rebecca Linares, Missy Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Crystal Ray, and Katja Kassin.  Fans can watch it as well as many other fine Powersville, Inc. titles now at, and can order the DVD on  Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659.  For more information please visit on the web!

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