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Awesomely Fucked Up Occurances

First up in the awesomely fucked up news this week comes Mayor of Toronto Canada Rob Ford shocking the airwaves by unleashing a powerful pussy statement during a live broadcast. This guy just keeps falling further down a (doughnut) hole and somehow, his FORD NATION supporters are still there to catch him! Keep in mind, this guy is HEAD OF COUNCIL for one of Canada’s largest cities! Crack, death threats and pussy-talk! What’s next! Perhaps a feature on The next Ron Jeremy LOL? Ya never know with this maniac. Catch this instant-classic news statement after the jump…

Up next in this weeks edition of fucked up news is a Japanese toy, and we all know what the Japanese are best at, right? Sex toys of course. A couple weeks ago I showed you a short documentary about how the oriental have a way of packaging and selling all aspects of human emotion, and this is just further proof of that. Oculus Rift is an up and coming, ass kicking, updated version of that bullshit Virtual Boy that failed Nintendo almost two decades ago. And it’s for more than just nerdy video gaming. It’s for PASSION, baby. Check out this new sex toy software via Oculus Rift, and then kindly thank Japan for their “in-sex-vention”.

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