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Axel “I Rarely Hire BlackFolk” Braun Allegedly Calls The Popos After AVN #Video

I remember a few years back, a week before AVN, my Twitter was “hacked” by unscrupulous muckrakers and a threat of violence was made towards Jesse Jones from it…

This alleged threat, that I have NO knowledge of, was such a big deal that, I got a call from not only Mr. A, but Mr. V, and Mr. N.

Don’t confuse those guys with Mrs. X and Miss Biz, they think sexual assault is cool.  I was just as surprised to learn of this threat as everyone else reading this, as I hardly used my Twitter account. I spend most of my days giving out turkeys in the hood, and helping old ladies cross the street…

The point of that was, I was close to being 86’d from AVN, for a tweet, meanwhile this bitch ass Braun is yet again in another altercation at AVN.

And let’s be honest, I’m way more important then Axel Braun. I’ve won a major award, once purposely stepped on Greg Lanksy’s shoe trying to provoke him, have always been very honest in my Nacho reviews,  and have NEVER transmitted an STD to the talent pool. Like fuck man, I should be AVN and Fleshbot Man of the Year, throw some cocaine in there, roofie a few girls and open a dog grooming biz, and not only would  XBIZ give me an award, but Motley would try and sign me, and Dave would probably want to have sex with me.

Below is a video, shot by a top secret person who may or not of been James Bartholet.

There was an argument, between Dipshit Barret Blade, Stormy “I gotta keep my rate up” Daniels, and Axel “The poor mans Lansky” Braun… Somehow, Michael Vegas is involved in this as well..

I’m told by high ranking officials, that Braun involved the police after this. I guess we should happy Johnny Goodlucks MC The Sons of Shrek didn’t get involved.





Axel talks all that tough guy shit, and at the end of the day, Axel is just a bitch

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