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Babes, blood and B-listers at the ‘Captivity’ party

Paul Cullum writes in The Los Angeles Times:

Two women in chains and dog collars kiss and writhe on a revolving tabletop. A tattoo artist in a leather apron inserts feathered quills into a woman’s back, the latest in body-modification accessories. A man is hoisted into the air by his numerous piercings while inside a wire mesh cage. And a professional dominatrix uses a large hairbrush to strike a nearly naked man chained to the floor, each blow to his buttocks carrying enough force to echo loudly over the sound system pounding through Privilege off the Sunset Strip.

What else were you expecting?

This is, after all, the premiere for a movie that has yet to be screened for the media or the public but has already made its mark as one of the most controversial and reviled films of the year: “Captivity.”

The film, which opens Friday, concerns the tender plight of a model-actress-object of oblivious perfection (Elisha Cuthbert, a conspicuous no-show, who spent the first season of “24” imprisoned in a barn with duct tape over her mouth), who finds herself a prisoner in a lightless garret and is tortured mercilessly.

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