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Bad Ass Frank offers his Opinion on Gay for Pay

Op/Ed & book excerpt by Bad Ass Frank Prather

Bad Ass Frank has an opinion on the gay/straight crossover-

Many male performers have done, currently do, or will do gay porn. Gay or gay-for-pay, the risk is the same and it’s high. Is there risk in the heterosexual adult industry? Of course. It’s just that the risk is much greater when working with performers who have male-to-male sex. Gay performers will argue that they take the same AIM test every 30 days that straight performers do, and that’s fine. However their higher risk factor means that they are more likely to contract and possibly spread HIV in the 29 days between tests. A positive AIM test doesn’t prevent the spread of HIV, it theoretically stops the ADDITIONAL spread of HIV once it’s caught and people are alerted. Although not fool-proof, only condoms are going to prevent transmission. Whether you’re gay or straight, you’re playing with your life every time you perform or have sex without a condom. An AIM test is a joke.

I think the following statement says it all about crossover performers.

From, an HIV/AIDS resource site: “Jim Key, Chief Public Affairs Officer for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, said people were shocked to learn through the campaign that 75% of the HIV infections in that city are in gay and bisexual men, though they make up less than 7% of the male population.” …”HIV still has a hold on the gay community. Or, men who practice homosexuality, by any other name.”

He also talks about it in his book, Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy. Here is an excerpt from chapter entitled, “Alfred Hugecock & Other Pervs”

Now, some male porn talent may run into the problem of a lull in work. It could be cyclic, meaning that the business has slowed down temporarily or, as of this publishing, permanently because of the economy. If not that, maybe he’s made a bad name for himself and many girls have put him on their “No list”, meaning that they refuse to work with him. Or maybe he’s just not good at marketing himself. Regardless, his work slows down.

What does he do? He may try to get into directing, thinking this is the road to riches (They all try. They all think that. They are all wrong.), or he may try pursuing mainstream acting (100 percent fail rate). When these don’t pan out, it’s not uncommon for him to develop an alternative income stream by having sex for money.

What, you ask? Isn’t that what they were already doing? Why yes, yes it is. But this time they’re having sex, for money, on camera! Okay BAF, now you’re just being stupid. That’s exactly what they were already doing. How is that an “alternative income stream” if they were already doing it? A legitimate question, dear reader, and one you must be prepared to hear the answer to, no matter how much it pains you. Two words….
Gay porn.

Yep, your beloved male pornstar may very well have sucked a couple of cocks for dough. It’s far more common than you think. There are multiple reasons that they choose to do this, not the least of which is money. The cash is simply superior than it is in straight porn. So it doesn’t take much to coerce Joe Donkeydick to be gay-for-pay. They’ll just come up with a different stage name, trying to keep it a secret, but that never works.

Invariably some blogger or bored fanboy discovers his dirty, anal secret and outs him on the message boards. Then it spreads throughout the industry and girls will surely start adding him to their No List, fearing the AIDS. It’s ironic because they’re certainly already fucking guys on camera that bang other guys, they just don’t realize it.

As time goes on I believe less and less female pornstars even care if the guys they work with have done gay porn or were gay in real life. One dude who works consistently is known for doing not only gay porn, but tranny (transsexual) porn as well. I actually saw a video of him being fucked in the ass by a giant she-male. And raw dog, mind you. No condoms for that brave fella.

Next time you’re watching some dirty movie and jerking off, try to keep in mind that the guy on camera may have been fucked in the ass just before he fucked your favorite on-screen slut. You’re whacking it to a gay dude. Enjoy!

To read more about his book, or to get yourself a copy clicky

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