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Bad Seed Sends Type 9 Kevin To the Hospital

NL- Kevin- So sorry this happened to you. I hope you’ll be okay. And Hope this posts keeps Miss Alyssa from working ANYYWHERE!

This is Alyssa Marie Ellen ********* -Legal Name/3-16-94
  I flew her in to LA got her tested, and ready to work. She had been in LA about 4 days, worked 1 time, flaked 2 jobs. She met some guys in Hollywood, and started running around with them. She brought the 2 guys back to my house, and invited them in. One of my girls staying there told the 2 guys they cant be in the house, and they needed to leave. Alyssa then left again with the 2 guys. Later Monday eve a week ago the 2 guys showed back up with her. I told the guys  they would have to leave, and I told the 2 guys that I do not allow any guys at my house They said they were dropping her off. I told them …. Then take her up the street to drop her off, but I want you away from my house. The guys became violent. I wont go into detail other than there was a lot of blood, and a fight between myself and the 2 guys. As a result I have every bone in my face broke. (I assure you they were hurt also) I will undergo plastic surgery Thursday this week, to have the bones pined and screwed back together.

Alyssa is under a 2 yr contract at Type9Models, and I will hold strong to keeping this bad seed under contract. I am asking everyone to please not book this girl. I have never done this to any girl nor would I ever if she had not brought the 2 guys to my house.
Here are a few pics of her, and I stuck 1 in of me as well in the hospital

She brought them to my house, and can bring them to your set just as easy. Who wants that trouble!!
Thank you

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