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BaDoinkVR Releases Free Cyber Brothel VR Experience


BARCELONA, (December 22, 2021) –   BaDoinkVR and Berlin-based sex doll creator Kokeshi Cybrothel Berlin have released an immersive and unique free VR scene to the public. Finnish actress Angie Lynx stars in the film which showcases the realism of Cybrothel Berlin’s Kokeshi doll, pioneering VFX techniques, and a never-before-seen VR narrative. The unique VR porn scene will be available to download for free to anyone until January 9, 2022.

The scene, which was shot in October 2021 in Barcelona, puts the viewer in a futuristic cyberpunk world in which fantasies turn into reality. Shot in 180-degree 7K stereoscopic VR, “every detail of Kokeshi’s world is crystal clear,” says director Lucas Elliot. This scene takes a step away from VR tropes and encourages the viewer’s desire to shift between a humanoid sex worker and the beautiful Angie Lynx.

BaDoinkVR is releasing this scene to the public for free as a Holiday gift and gesture of VR goodwill in conjunction with their Christmas promotion. “I wouldn’t go as far as calling us the Santa Claus of VR, but every Holiday season, we do our best to spread cheer to those with and without VR subscriptions. This was an ambitious project, and we’re very proud to share it with the world,” said Product DIrector, Xavi Clos.

Berlin-based writer, Alexis Smiley Smith, Austrian filmmaker, Phillip Fussenager, and Sujmo, an artist from Cologne created Kokeshi Cybrothel in 2020 to “connect all consensual things in sex and technology.” Combining a high-tech sex doll with a VR experience has never been done before. “It’s super textured with sci-fi and a kind of futuristic landscape. You’re actually having this kind of user experience where you’re in the VR world interacting with Angie Lynx,” explained Smiley Smith.

To merge the experiences of humanoid and human interaction BaDoinkVR utilized a mix of practical effects and post-production techniques. Using an HD projector, they coordinated complex transitions between the sci-fi world and the “real world” to transport the user through “two different dimensions” of time and space.

The scene will be available to download for free in 7K VR from December 22, 2021, until January 09, 2022, at

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