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BadoinkVR Releases New Scene Featuring Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse is about to make your virtual reality dreams come true with a brand new video for BadoinkVR. Her debut scene for the site, “A Muse Bouche,” dropped last week and has everything you’d come to expect from Mandy.

The set-up of the scene is the viewer is Mandy’s piano teacher, and she’s been a good student so far. She’s not the best player, but she’s an enthusiastic student. She shows up for today’s lesson more enthusiastic than ever – and it’s not the music lesson she wants. Mandy’s seduction starts with her rubbing her booty up against you, and then with a blow job. You’ll feel every bounce as Mandy rides you until completion. Fans can enjoy this scene several different platforms, including Gear VR HQ, Vive/Oculus HQ, Playstation VR HQ, and Daydream View HQ.

“Filming VR scenes is always so fun because it gives my fans the chance to see what it’s like to fuck me!” said Mandy, “And the scene had a lot of dialogue which I really enjoyed doing. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!”

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