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balldo™ Gets into the Swing of Valentine’s Day with Ball Sex-Ed


(Los Angeles, CA) — balldo™, the award-winning new adult novelty that utilizes the balls exclusively for penetrative ‘ballsex’, is prepping the playing field for Valentine’s Day with a few expert tips to assist new users.

“The testicles have an incredible amount of densely-packed sensory nerve endings, which is why it feels so good when your partner turns their attention to them,” said Jerry Davies, CEO of the brand’s parent company Nadgerz Inc. “That sensitivity can serve as an incredible pleasure center when properly stimulated, with many achieving climax from that stimulation alone.”

Enter the balldo™. The sturdy dildo-shaped silicone cage that houses the testicles for the purpose of a revelatory ‘ballgasm’ “is perfect for those who want to try something completely new with their partner, or who may have erectile dysfunction or other related health or performance issues.”

But wait, how exactly does one achieve orgasmic satisfaction with the balldo™? For starters, shaving the testicles, lube and sack sizing using adjustable spacer rings gets the ball(s) rolling; from there, the balls take center stage during intercourse inside the body-safe, patented inner core for a uniquely different intimate sensation.

The company released an instructional Vimeo video in order to show how to use the device safely, with tech specs and a short testimonial video for a better personal understanding of the ins and outs of safe usage.

Davies has noted in interviews that a ballgasm feels like a “really heavy, deep orgasm that takes a long time to crescendo… you’re getting stimulation from the penetration. It still results in an ejaculation from the penis, but unlike sex with the penis, I think there’s a much stronger psychological stimulation.”

Ready to try something new this Valentine’s Day? Visit and follow on Twitter @BalldoBallsex. For balldo™ wholesale enquiries email [email protected].

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