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Bang Bus’ Ramon Charged


HUGE Porn Star BUSTED for Animal Cruelty

The well-endowed man famous for making backseat love to scores of women on ” Bang Bus ” is now accused of letting his van get too hot to handle … nearly killing 21 animals that were locked inside, including 8 roosters. 46-year-old Raul Armenteros — aka Ramon from “Bang Bus” — has been charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty … after police discovered a small zoo of animals locked inside his parked van earlier this week, while it baked under the Miami sun. According to reports, Armenteros and a friend had locked up 8 roosters, 4 guinea hens, 4 pigeons, 4 goats and 1 duck. The goats were tied up inside plastic bags, and one was dead by the time cops arrived. Cops arrested Armenteros and his pal on the spot — and both are currently still in custody on $110,000 bail.

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