Blog adds a blog section to their website

If you are an avid porn lover, you have definitely come across If not, what average sites have you been watching porn from? The site has quickly become one of the best porn sites on the internet and you can expect nothing but a sleek modern design and loads of amazing porn in 1080p HD and 4K. It is from the same people who made VideosZ, a top collection of porn DVDs online. And what if I told you the site has now added a blog section to feed your lust for erotic stories?

That’s right, Bang has a new section on their site that brings you nothing but well written erotic stories to go along with their high-quality porn. And who else if not ThePornDude to break this news to you?

Few would have imagined that a porn blog would evolve to become something as electric and exciting as this. But that is what people expect of porn sites so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. However, it is still no less exciting. As things stand, bang has realized that a porn blog is like the main ingredient in a porn soup and have decided to bring it to your tastes. When ThePornDude says so, you better believe it.  It is a whole different angle to introduce porn in an enticing, sexual way and I’m sure as a fan of textual erotica, you can’t wait to sample some of the pieces they’ve got going over there.

Why add a blog section?

I’m surprised anyone would ask such a question. Say, how many of you are old enough to remember when people used to rent movies from the Blockbuster? Do you remember how the movies featured a brief synopsis that told you what the movie was all about? Today’s kids get to watch the trailer, you know. But there is always a way with words that captures the reader as well as captivating their imagination. We are now living in a “fast-paced, consume instantly” and bringing the words back to the porn is like a breath of fresh air.

As a porn site, giving your visitors something to read triggers discussions in a special way that videos cannot. And why not when some of the blogs you read include how a creampie is well for your body? Bang is clearly growing by leaps and bounds. They are not only dealing with porn as it is, they are also seeing to it that you can read about the famous pornstars, new teens who want to get into porn and other stuff that’s porn related. Considering they bring you porn in the best quality, the blog section will only add to your overall experience. It is a brand new experience and different from other sites that are only swarming with porn videos and little else in terms of variety.

The content on this blog is arranged from most popular to the editors pick. Some of the pieces you are likely to encounter include why women mull over shaving their pussies and more of that. There is even a section where you can write and submit your comments regarding the particular blog article. I mean, how convenient is that?

At the top of the page, there is a search feature so you can quickly locate whatever it is you lust for. There is also a drop-down menu on the top right corner where you get to choose between content, model’s, insight, and more. It’s like a category section of sorts. I was particularly impressed by the models section where there are several articles featuring the likes of Karlee Grey, Cherrie Deville, and then a few more. I’m thinking as time goes by, bang will add even more articles and soon you won’t run out of erotic content to read. It’s a good start overall. If you are chilling and have a few hours to spare, then you probably want to have a look around.

You see, the thing about porn blogs is they don’t look much at first, seeing that many people regard them as the porn version of a distant cousin. But actually, if you do a little digging like ThePornDude, you’ll realize that they have a lot to offer. For one, it is a way of knowing what’s trending in the porn world, introduce yourself to new videos and more. Erotic literature has been gaining a lot of steam because as you know, it is sometimes even more exciting than watching porn videos. At bang, there is even a suggestion for 30 of the places you should have sex, that is, apart from the obvious place- your bedroom. Some of the suggestions are downright crazy though; does sex on the back of a cop car excite you?

Finally, if you are a bit bored with watching porn videos and want something a little different, you know why bang should be your new favorite destination.

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