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Barrack’s Big Package…

NL- She doesn’t like Porn Parodies, but I DO!

by Erica Icon
Obama Parody
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Well it’s finally out. I’m not a fan of porn parodies, but this is the best porn parody you’re going to see. Really. And, not just because they’re a client. Guy DiSilva really looks like Barrack Obama and he’s in every scene. I’ve got a few copies, but you should definitely part with a little cash and add it to your porn collection.

Despite the fact that I’ve been sick as a dog with strep throat, I’ve been plugging the hell out of it. TMZ was going to run it until they found out that I had alerted all the other news outlets like Huffington. And even though it’s not up yet, they still wouldn’t run it. Such elitists, always wanting to be first and if there’s a doubt, no way. The press release is on every industry site and soon the mainstream ones too. I’m working on getting Mae Victoria on the Chelsea Lately Show–hopefully, she will go easy on Mae, because I have seen her chew up people and spit them out (literally). She’s hardcore.

And here’s the press release:
Rezko Films

Barrack’s Got a Whole New Role!….

Despite being busy saving the world, our President, the Commander in Chief, is taking on a new role—porn star! Yes, you heard right. Politics is a nasty business, so why not go full tilt! Barrack’s Big Stimulus Package hits the streets this Tuesday, August 11th—it stars Guy DiSilva as Barrack and he’s in EVERY scene, because he’s a “yes we can” kind of man. Of course any President needs interns and working for Barrack in this capacity gives intern a whole new meaning. Starlettes performing in this flick include veteran performer, Mae Victoria and Aryana Star as the First Lady, along with Austin Taylor, Tia Gunn, Almond and Cortknee.

“Barrack is the role of a lifetime and I won’t let the country down,” says Guy DiSilva (AKA Barrack). “I plan to screw in every room in the White House, patriotically, of course. You need to buy this movie so you can see what the Big Stimulus Package really is—and that’s my dick, not some government bailout. Barrack’s Big Stimulus Package is really going to fuel the sagging economy with gigantic sales—it’s what we need to get us out of the hole.”

Rezko Films is a brand new studio that will produce big budget feature films and parodies. Barrack’s Big Stimulus Package is the first parody and is directed by Jeff Coldwater.

For international and domestic sales inquiries, please contact Robert Plarski at Pulse Distribution via email at [email protected] or phone (818) 435-1605. Preorders are strongly encouraged—this title will sell out. All press inquiries should be sent to Erika Icon at The Rub PR via email at [email protected]

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