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Batman dies a slow painful death in the Mojave Desert, almost…


For the second year in a row the Adam & Eve partnership with the Palms Casino and Hotel Annual Summer Pool party was in much intertwined with porn and mainstream people.

We set out from the Xbiz offices in Hollywood California in route to Las Vegas for the cocktail party which is held the night before the Pajama themed summer pool party at the Palms Hotel. The only thing standing between us and the party was a few hundred miles of hot asphalt, 120 degree temperatures and the Mojave Desert.

We left in the after noon on Friday… Here is where things get hot and steamy. We are driving the 270 mile trek and around 100 miles outside of Las Vegas, in the desert on that desolate Interstate 15, our lives changed.

If you have never been stuck in the desert in the middle of the day while the sun beats down on you then you may not understand our life changing moment, you may not grasp the sheer fear of watching too many lost in the desert westerns, or being chased by scorpions while wearing designer jeans.
We have never walked to desert before, yes on television it looks bad, but now in real life no acting involved, we were stuck in the Mojave Desert and it was 120 degree all day long, I think this may be it, we are going to die. The desert road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is going to claim two more victims.

As I am lying beside the road wishing I had bought a bottle of water instead of the double caramel java that I got and downed. I wished I had shorts on instead of the blue jeans.  I was wishing I had not used all my cell phone battery on text messages to my new girlfriend Rachelle Laree.

So there we are two guys, no water, no cell phone service and a broke down overheated car in the middle of the desert, hours before we were to be pampered upon by hot models and porn stars at the Palms Casino and Hotel.
Just then Steve tried to start the car again, it starts. We try to start driving , sweat pouring out of every pore of our bodies. It looks like we are going to make it, we are rolling along just fine now, wind blowing in what little hair I have on my head, it’s a glorious  moment.

We make it to this outskirt town called Primm and we decide to let the car rest again so we can make it all the way to Vegas. We pullover and go inside where I am treated to the sight of every Las Vegas casino reject there is, Primm is where you go when they throw you out of Vegas. We’re tired, thirsty and hungry so we head into the Terribles casino buffet for some of the most suspect Mexican food I have ever put in my mouth, ( and I’ve been drunk in Mexico before and ate on the side of the road). The water tastes so good though it had that taste opposite of sweat which is just what we needed after being in the desert.

After finishing the worst Mexican buffet food in the country with the possible exception of that Sizzler salad bar that they pass off as a Mexican fiesta, we get back in the car and head to Vegas, it’s only 40 miles away or something like that. We drive 10 miles car stops, we let it rest, drive 10 miles stops again, you get the picture here.

So we limp into Las Vegas turn off on the Vegas strip arrive at the front of the Bellagio where the car dies and dies for good. I get out as the mass of traffic starts beeping at us, the strip is packed and we are holding up the flow. Steve steers the car as I push it, trying to make it into the hotel parking lot. The water fountain show that the hotel is famous for begins to play, people are lined up 5 row deep to watch it when they hear all the car horns. The crowds start to turn around and instead of taking pictures of the water show they begin to take pictures of me pushing the car.

We finally make it into the hotel, check in and shower. I get a cab over to the party at the Palms grand Ball room and have one hour to spare before they begin to close the joint down.

There was a photo wall set up so everyone could take pictures at the party, the porn stars were there taking pictures with all of the VIP party goers and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

There were several different bars set up to assure everyone go and have as many drinks as they wanted without waiting and there was also several food tables set up. The grand shine was the roller rink track that was set up inside the ball room with roller skaters dressed in roller costumes skating around the entire night.

It had to be the most interesting trip to Las Vegas I have ever had. The scorpions in the Mojave Desert can find another victim; we survived to tell about it. Steve has a nice car but it does not like the desert and now neither do I.

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