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BB11- Spoiler- I Didn’t Get to Sleep Last Night

Last night I had my live feed on from the big brother house as usual. I always have it playing while I work, while I write, while I answer e-mails, while I twitter and even while I play online scrabble. I don’t even watch TV much during the BB Season (except when BB is on of course)

So late last night, while HOH Ronny was doing his usual backstabbing, running from person to person, turning one against the other, playing both sides against the middle, something drastic happened. Russel caught on and while Russel was calling him out in the bathroom, people started gathering. Laura called everyone out to the back yard and said she was sick of Ronny telling lies. She confronted Ronny and Russel with something that she had just heard (I’m not telling you details because I want you to have something to look forward to on the show) and guess what, RONNY WAS CAUGHT red-handed in a lie in front of ALL the house guests (except Jessie who was in the DR) and when shown so blatantly, Ronnie cowered and said he wasn’t answering. Ronnie took off to the HOH room and the house erupted in anti-Ronny speak. All the lies and secrets began to come out, and everyone realized they had been played by Ronnie, whose new nickname is Rat Boy. They all vowed to give Ronnie the silent treatment and to backdoor him next week no matter who won HOH or POV.

I’d love if this happened because I can’t stand Ratboy, who thinks he is a lot smarter than he is. But you know how everything changes in the house. By next week, he could have them all turned around again…

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