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BB11: Update- Bye Bye Casey

by Rog of

Big Shake Up and Blow Up

No big shock. The big surprise was unveiled right away. No more cliques. Everyone will be playing for themselves. How long before Jesse vs. Russell explodes in a mess of steroid-fueled insanity? And how long will it be before Jeff finds himself kicked out of the house? If that guy doesn’t win, he’s toast.

There is a little segment showing just how far around the bend Lydia really is. She likes to sneak into Jessie’s bed and watch him sleep. How fucking creepy is that. Talk about a “Play Misty for Me” moment. Then she talks about the things she could do to him. This chick is a fucking nutter.

Great shots of Jordan outside in a bikini. Yeah, she’s fucking pretty and has a great body to boot.

Casey is doing a bit of campaigning and showing that he’s a pretty cool cat. He tells Russell that he’s “number four” on that team and this really gets under Russell’s skin. He becomes immediately defensive and blurts out “I’m number two” before realizing that he really isn’t. At least he did something and figured out quickly that Natalie is like a wart on Jessie’s toe and that Ronnie is probably going to be used as a wedge against Russell at some point as well. The numbers just don’t add up for the bully and you can see him at least trying to work it a little.

They did a long segment on Jeff and Jordan’s relationship leading us to think that we might be saying good-bye to sexy Jordan. They really do make a great couple and there is nothing unlikeable about either of them. This of course means that they are both doomed.

Julie put Natalie and Lydia on the spot by pointing out the fact that they obviously both have a thing for Jessie. The girls tried to ignore it, but it’s painfully obvious. What is also painfully obvious is that they are fighting over something that isn’t worth having. Jessie of course won’t give a straight answer when asked which woman he would chose to be stranded with on a desert island. (Because he would pick a mirror over either of them.)

Casey’s “vote for me” speech may be the greatest in BB history. Who knew this guy had this in him? First he pointed out that the houseguests could turn on the two snaked by keeping him around. He called Ronnie a “dorkapotimus” which is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Then he laid the smack down on Jessie, calling him and “ego maniac with the personality and IQ of a banana.” Wow. That was harsh and had Jessie fuming. Casey fucking rocks!

Russell came up big as the only vote for Casey, setting up some questions for later. The rest of the house just lacked the balls to kick things over a little. Casey’s fate was sealed though when Michele voted him out, but all that did was set the stage for another great moment.

On the way out of the house Casey rocked yet again. He said his good-byes and then called Jessie out for being a liar. Jessie puffed up and flexed and Casey didn’t flinch. (Wow you could really see just how short Jessie is here.) Seeing that her meal ticket was in trouble, Natalie started yapping like a good lap dog. Casey gave her too much credit at first asking if she was Jessie’s “pit bull.” Jessie just stood there turning red while his little girl fought his battle for him. Then even Natalie got to eat a tremendous shit burger when Casey dropped the line of the season on her. “Go make Jessie a sandwich” he barked. That stunned her into a fit of incoherent babbling and basically finished the argument. There is no coming back from that.

During his final message to Casey, Ronnie proved once again that he’s a self deluding-douche. Why do both he and Casey think that Ronnie worked his magic on Jessie? It’s pretty clear who is doing the manipulating. This is Jessie playing prison games. Poor Ronnie is on the run and Jessie extended his pocket for the little bitch boy to grab before he gets shived. Now he’s got Ronnie sucking his dick for a week or two until he needs to throw him to the wolves

So now the power is up for grabs. Who will hold on the longest? Maybe Cindi will give us some spoilers.

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