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Hi Luke.
Just caught up on your blog since last time. Checked out the names list and found it interesting that far too many of the stars/ex-stars in porno have a hard time getting to grips with real life afterwards. Tell me something new
– tell all of the rest of us! Ordinary life sucks, basically, it’s a hard grind…for us all, not just them. I’ve decided to take an early retirement
soon and try to get myself a life before I die, and I’m an ordinary workingclass hero. Too much time at work and no time to even get enough exercise let alone keep up any hobbies, have a life. But I managed to work for 45 years before burning-out doing jobs I didn’t really want to do. What
else is there? Very few people get to do a job they love doing all their careers, fact of life…and bills need paying.I was interested to read about Beate Uhse, the German porno queen. I knew her. Not quiet sure when we met, but about 1960. She flew her Cessna 172 over from Germany with her latest girlfriend, who was glad to get her feet on firm ground again! Beate wasn’t keen on prostitution and porno as such (‚ÄúBut I’d sooner the guys wank-off to pic of a sexy girl, or buy one, than
go out and rape one.”) but used the money she made from selling under the counter porno to buy girls from the Reeperbahn. A two way deal, she got to save a girl from winding up in the Elbe with a cut throat and got herself a girlfriend for a while at the same time. Beate got them back into school,
into job training etc, and only let go when they were mentally ok and set up securely…and kept in touch with all of them. This particular one was 15
years old, dark-haired and buxom, and had been forced into the sex industry after being used and abused since she was ten or so.

Beate had been invited over by the medical professors I worked for as she was into the same thing, sex education. She was a fantastic lady who took all of us by storm. She must have been 40 or so at the time, so guess we were taken aback to see a vivacious blond bombshell looking about 20! She spoke good English but with an accent, so my mother looked a bit dubious at her when we took her down for the day. And went wide-eyed when Beate told us Adolf Hitler was nothing like his public image in private, he was actually a very nice, charming man! “The other stuff was an act,” she told us. We took her to the Battle of Britain aerodrome to see the warplane museum and the
curator went bug-eyed when he realised who and what she was, he’d heard of her! And got his camera out. I’ve tried to find those pics, to no avail.

Finding out Stephen Ward and George Harrison Marks were using me to do porno films (to be fair; this was part of the work done for the professors too, they needed the feedback) she suggested she go to GHM’s studio to see what a film studio looked like. Once there she cut to the point, ‚ÄúI’d like to see what we can do and how we can do it. Do you mind? They’ve done it before,‚Äù looking at her girlfriend and then me, rubbing my chest and smiling coyly at me. Oh yes…. It was obvious to both of us we both liked each other. Her girlfriend looked a bit dubious at the idea when Beate translated for her, but as said; she’d done it all before…and some. So the guys got out their
still-cameras and took masses of pics as we stripped and ‘got to know each other’. Then we began chopping and changing and seeing how we could put together something educational, rather than pure porno. When we had something the guys got the 16mm film camera out and we began filming. Beate was continually jumping in and asking us to do this and that, and how hard
was it to do that pose etc., to in the end exclaim, ‚ÄúThere’s only one way to find out how to do it without causing physical harm,‚Äù and stripped off
herself, shoving the girl aside. The girl must have been enjoying herself for she said a rude word in German. Even I knew that one!

Nobody was suprised when Beate proclaimed I was coming back to the hotel with her. Her girlfriend was a bit annoyed in the morning, “When am I going to get some of that, I barely got any sleep all night!”

So every time Beate came over the next months I would stay with her one or two nights. We got on great. My mother and the neighbors got to like her too. She brought back the same girl again a couple of times and when Beate was in conference with the professors we were allowed to date. Not easy, as she knew only little English, but we enjoyed each other’s company. We had to
be carefull of her speaking German out too loudly as German’s, for some reason, weren’t thought of too highly in England at the time. We also did a
proper porno together for GHM, both the girl AND Beate, and I did hear it was very popular back in Germany, making enough money to buy several girls their freedom. The girl eventually had a baby (mine perhaps? I hope so) and found a husband with a good job, Beate ran a dating agency too.

Beate’s husband was as gay as a bootstrap and wasn’t the father to her second son. ‚ÄúI only married him for the money, it was the only way to keep on flying and find the money to start my business. I was totally broke and had a baby to support. He was glad to avoid the chit-chat he was causing by not being married. The situation in Germany was such that there were 20 girls for every guy but most guys are traumatised by the war, drink and whore around and don’t know how to talk to a girl, just rape or buy her. The girls have to fight tooth and nail to get a guy, or starve. Wife beating is normal, killings too. I was actually quiet lucky.

She told me the day I was 16 she would like me to come and live with her. I said yes. The age difference was never an issue, as was her liking girls. She told me I would always be the second man in her life, her first husband would always come first, the one killed flying fighters in the war. He must have been a hellava man.

Then she left for home and I never saw or heard from her again. I now know there were forces keeping us apart, she was told to stay away.

Attached are pics and pic of Beate. The second might have been taken in the 70’s? She’s well into her 50’s? I would have been a very lucky guy indeed.

Do you know anything about an American model called Yvette Conners? Could she have visited England in the early 60’s, was she old enough, around at the time? She seems awfull familiar. I get ‚Äòhot‚Äô when I look at her. I do recall meeting several American girls they flew over, one black.
I’m clutching at straws, but maybe Conners took some pics and films back home with her.

I’ve tried contacting Beate’s sons, but I was told they are involved with the company merely for business reasons, they are shunted off to one side.

I’m not sure if I recounted to you that several American writers/scientists into the paranormal were overheard by a friend of mine a while back, at London airport, they began talking the black occult and Dr. Stephen Ward, my mentor, and also ME. They even got my name right. My mate was suddenly all ears! I was refered to as the Ward’s clan’s (The Twelve Knight’s of Camelot) sexual plaything, and he heard (I’ve never told him of it) I was involved in hardcore. I had some explaining to do! Scarpatti? Was that the name of one
guy? They were waiting for a taxi to go and visit Uri Geller.

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