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Beautiful Brooke Haven in the Hospital-UPDATE

UPDATE- 10:30am PST- Brooke is out of Surgery and is sleepy but doing well. Doctors say the surgery was a success.
(Thanks Glen xo)


Brooke Haven was hospitalized last night with severe chest and abdominal pains. She was first diagnosed with food poisoning, but now it looks like she has an appendicitis and will be having surgery to remove her appendix at 6am PST. She will be in the  Hospital for a few days for her recovery.

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More info as I get it.

Only Brooke could look this good, while having an appendicitis-



The appendix is a small and thin finger like pouch, attached to the large intestine; it is found on the lower right side of the abdomen. Appendicitis is a condition that is caused when the appendix gets inflamed; it is a painful infection of the appendix. It needs to be addressed in an emergency capacity. If it’s not treated, the appendix can rupture and cause widespread infection.

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Brooke-Best wishes and Good Karma to one of the warmest hearts in porn. We love you! xo, Cin

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