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Beautiful Girl Comes To Hollywood To Be A Star – Ends Up Dismembered In A Dumpster

In June of 1973, Tonya Moore ran away from home in Mount Giliard, Ohio. She came to Hollywood to become a star. She lived with various people, including porn photographer Johnny Castano (I believe Johnny died in 2005 after years of illness). She may have been mixed up with Eddie Nash. She took drugs. She hung out a lot at Reb Sawitz‘s Sunset International modeling agency in the month before she died. She put in an application there. She knew Gordon Godette (his last name is spelled various ways, he had several family members in porn), a pornographer with an office at 10828 Ventura Blvd (and at 611 N. Orchard in Burbank).

Her body was found dismembered in a trash can in an alley off 11000 Ventura Blvd, near Lankershim, in April 1974.

Tonya told people she was 20 but she was only 17 when she died.

Her murder has never been sold. Who are these two gentlemen with her?

Police questioned various porners after her death, including Reb Sawitz. They didn’t have much to say.

The murder (similar to the Black Dahlia case) didn’t get much attention because it came at the same time as the Charles Manson trial and the Patty Hearst kidnapping.


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