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Beautiful, Talented Brittany Andrews Back in the Movies (mainstream!)

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Adult film legend Brittany Andrews debuted her new film, a lesbian sex comedy, These Showers Can Talk at Integrated Studios in Manhattan on Aug 19th.  The quirky short runs 25 mins long and takes place almost entirely in the bathrooms of the characters.  Andrews plays Daisy the films sole straight character.

Director Gabrielle Lindau & Brittany

Produced and directed by Gabrielle Lindau , the film stars Danai Ewan , Carson Maness, Jessica Templin and Liza Frank with a guest appearance of  Broadway’s Stephan Hanna (Billy Elliot).  

Lead Actress Danai Ewan & Brittany

The movie centers on Samantha (Danai Ewan) as she searches for relationship advice about her clingy girlfriend Gloria (Lori Michaels) from her various female friends.  Every character takes a humorous look at lesbian stereotypes, and general relationship dysfunctions.

Andrews who took a hiatus from adult movies to attend film school was extremely proud of the film and praised her director and cast mates, ““ I think Gabrielle did a really good job with the comedic timing of the film.” 

“As a filmmaker I really liked it,” Andrews continued,  “there’s one shot that has me in the mirror and slowly focuses on my lips as I’m talking and just ask a film maker I love it.  I think the main actress did a fabulous job and we finally have me on film putting a fucking wig on.”

Lindau intends to expand the short into a series that will give more depth each of the characters introduced along with their showers.  These Showers Can Talk will be previewed in Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco and San Diego.

Andrews next mainstream projects include Blindfold, which centers on a family reconnecting after the tragedy of 9/11 and Trick of the Witch, a supernatural thriller will be making their debuts later this year. 

The film Crumble that she also produced will be premiering in October at the LA Filmfest.

Brittany Andrews returns to adult film in September with the release of Sex In the City: an XXX Parody where she plays Samantha.

Andrews still maintains her adult sites and and will be shooting more content for her 

She also hopes to be able to shoot a “ really hot porno film in New York City.”

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