Because 1 Davina Davis racist video is never enough

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Davina Davis returns with an all-new video summing up her feelings about blacks and Mexicans.

Spoiler: she’s not a fan.


Hard to believe it was only 24 hours ago that we first laid eyes on her other racist movie. Now this one? Damn girl.

She tried to claim her last video wasn’t legit, tweeting this out to her fans — “My ex has now posted a video of me dropping “ni**a”and “Mexican” claiming I’m racist. Before everyone starts the hate comments, this was me making fun of Donald trump after seeing something funny online. He’s just mad because my current boyfriend is black, and I’m half Mexican”

Wonder how she is going to explain this new video away considering it came from another source altogether?

Update: Of course we all knew it was only a matter of time before she tried to come up with an excuse for this, her now second known racist video rant about blacks and Mexicans. And what reason did she give this time?

“Black dudes can call me “cracka” “white trash” etc but god forbid a white girl uses “ni**a” it’s all over for that poor white girl.”

Yep, she went with the, it’s not racist if they made fun of me first excuse.



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