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Men’s sex toy manufacturer Bedroom Products is now shipping HARD and PULSE, two individual styles of disposable male erection rings.

Both cock rings provide stamina support, firmer erections, more intense orgasms, and enhanced sensations by constricting the flow of blood at the base of the penis.

HARD, a durable non-vibrating cock ring, is crafted with an extra thick width and intentionally-placed interior grooves to accommodate a substantial grip during use. The water-resistant ring wraps around the shaft and underneath the testicles, creating an alternate to the ‘squeeze technique’, commonly used during masturbation or partner play to delay an orgasm.

PULSE is a disposable vibrating erection ring which boasts the strongest vibrating motor in a c-ring, with 14,000 RPMs and an extended battery life lasting over 50+ minutes. A plush, textured casing features a textured side of pleasure nubs that extend outward for clitoral play. Like HARD, PULSE also has an ergonomic-fit interior that physically compliments the male anatomy. Pulse offers additional external pleasure when looped around the finger, and applied to the perineum, testicles, or clitoris.

Each cock ring is showcased alongside Bedroom Products’ cohesive range of toys in a space-efficient visual merchandising display, the Gentleman’s Collection, which blends point-of-purchase innovation with impulse-purchase sales strategy. The sliding drawer replica houses all 8 Bedroom Products SKUs, strategically designed to enhance brick-and-mortar sales efforts. The easily-identifiable display draws the attention of consumers to one place in a retail environment, increasing the potential for multiple purchases in a thoughtful, one-stop-shop presentation.

HARD and PULSE are also sold in individual 10-unit bricks, packaged in minimally-branded boxes with two individually-wrapped rings in muted colors, one red and one black.

According to Director of Sales Tracy Leone, “Cock rings are such a simple, fantastic way to help a man add a boost to his sex life whether he is single or in a relationship. Both of our rings showcase superior functionality, while maintaining a beginner-friendly aesthetic and accessible price point.”

“Approaching the sexual enhancement market from a very specific, niche perspective is an opportunity to reach individuals who may be skeptical about investing in their sexual wellness. Sparking a playful, educational dialogue while meeting the demand of pleasure products will undoubtedly benefit men and their partners. At the end of the day, our driving goal is to help all bodies to feel good, and the feedback we have received from retailers and consumers thus far has been stellar.”

The company is slated to launch an expanded product selection at ANME in July 2019. Bedroom Products is promoting awareness for Masturbation May with a site-wide sale until May 31.

More information is available on the company’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For additional details on Bedroom Products, contact Tracy Leone at [email protected]


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