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Behind the scenes of a Playboy Plus Shoot

I read recently on Mike South that Playboy had ceased all productions, as a result of some sort of problem with Mindgeek (the company who runs their website and Playboy TV).

But today I read this ….

Another photoshoot at my house with the best Playboy producer/director Jennifer Vaughn. 

The girl they were shooting obviously wasn’t Playmate material so I did some research and it turned out this Jennifer Vaughn shoots for Playboy Plus. And today, (7 hours ago as of this posting) they were shooting some new content for Playboy Plus.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out the video Joe Como took.

The Mike South story says “Playboy cancelling all production“. There are several Playboy related stories lately, but this one is pretty big,   Seems Playboy TV and other Playboy Media properties (all managed by Manwin/MindGeek) have cancelled all shoots and projects indefinitely.

Since then more than a few people who produce content for Playboy have come out and said not even remotely true. But now we have video evidence that things over at Playboy are in fact in full swing.

So it seems this time, whoever Mike South’s source is about Playboy is very wrong. Things over at Playboy are apparently alive and well over at Playboy. They continue to shoot content that I have been able to find in LA, Florida, Las Vegas and Texas.



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