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Behold The International Entertainment Union’s Official Ballot, Starring Nick East

A couple days ago I wrote one of the greatest editorials ever. So good Im still getting job offers from online media moguls asking me to mogul with them, I respectfully decline as fantasy baseball season has started and i have many moves to make. Anyone who thinks creating a fantasy sports empire is easy is on drugs..


Oh man, where do I begin. How about with the obvious, Most of the people on this ballot don’t even shoot porn anymore.

And am I to believe that only Evan Stone received a President Nom? All the ‘look at me’ people on that ballot and just one with a President nom BULLSHIT lol Guess that explains why he’s telling people he’s the president and taking meetings..

Of all the people on this list, Nick East, MR. AHF in the flesh. LOL The only thing this guy has going is his sister is hot. The fact that he’s on the ballot speaks volumes for level of mental retardation running around, Id say right about now, who ever nominated Nick qualifies for one of those cool little parking passes for their rear view mirror. For those that don’t know, Nick is the guy who went around blasting anti-condom advocates on every-site out there, while back-dooring and trying to generate money for a public debate..Sometimes when I’m bored I text him and tell him I wanna date his sister. He then goes on a 3 hour textathon about me..its great fun

Looking at this ballot, I see at least 6 pro AHF people on it? Hmmm that’s odd..Are the pro condom/AHF people exempt from paying the $600 initiation fee?

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