Best 2016 Celebrity Nudes, Nip Slips, See-Through… So Far!


Can you believe it?

We’re already halfway through 2016, a year that saw the sudden deaths of several notable musicians, artists and entertainers like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Chyna and more. But as much as 2016 taketh away, it also gave us a boon of sexy celebrity nudes, nip slips, pokies, see-through outfits and other compromising photos!

I’ve painstakingly sifted the internet like an 1800’s settler in the middle of the goddamn California Gold Rush to bring you the latest and greatest in sexy celebrity leaks and nude cameos in movies and television. From beautiful Hollywood actresses to socialite “It” girls, no starlet is safe from my pervy tractor beam. Here is my collection of 2016’s Celebrity nudes, wardrobe malfunctions, lip slips, and other risque photos that I know you’ll appreciate. Stay tuned for part two…in about six months!

1.) Emilia Clarke in “Game of Thrones” as Daenerys Targaryen


Hell yeah, I’m timely. Emilia Clarke famously said that she would not appear nude again for “Game of Thrones” but that all changed with last week’s episode when the Unburnt herself, set fire to her Dothraki captors while simultaneously raising a horde army of her own!

2.) Eline Powell in “Game of Thrones”


Shit, I should’ve just made a dedicated “Game of Thrones” nudity post but I don’t think our servers have the storage space for that particular blog post. Heh. Anyway, again with the timeliness. Eline Powell caught my eye during last Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” episode when she appeared as a mock version of Sansa Stark. All I can say is those are one of the nicest pair of tits in all of the seven kingdoms! Yes? You want more? Of course you do.



3.) Olivia Wilde Goes Full Frontal in “Vinyl”



Apart from its slick undercurrent of undeniable cool, 70’s record business drama, “Vinyl” also stars the really pretty Olivia Wilde. I wish she didn’t use that brillo pad fuzz shit to replicate a 70’s bush, but hey, points for historical accuracy.

4.) Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare in AMC’s “Preacher”


Finally! The beloved pulp comic “Preacher” made its television premiere on AMC last Sunday night and it did not disappoint. If you’re new to the series, it’s about a preacher whose been magically gifted (or cursed) with the “Word of God” – an ability that allows him to control and coerce anyone by just talking to them. Ruth Negga plays the tough-as-nails female protagonist along for the crazy ride. You know Ruth Negga from ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Here’s what her tits look like!


5.) Riley Keough’s Tits and Ass in “The Girlfriend Experience”



Meet Riley Keough. This cute 26-year-old actress just so happens to be the eldest grand-daughter of Elvis Fucking Presley! Whether she landed the complex, coveted role of a law student moonlighting as a high-class prostitute because of her famous bloodline is not known, but what is known is that this new sexy Starz television show is DAMN GOOD and Riley’s willingness to shed her clothes and get nude is a bonus on top of the amazing writing and always interesting plot developments.

There was a film by the same name that inspired the above television series, but it sucks because it starred Sasha Grey in her first bona fide Hollywood role and she sucked hard. And not in the porno sense. Skip the movie and just tune into the much-improved television series.




6.) Ashlynn Yennie in Showtime’s “Submission”



Ever since that re-fried dogshit of a movie, “50 Shades of Gray” came out, there’s been so many stupid knockoffs, but at least “Submission” has the balls to flesh out sexual power struggles and all that kinky shit that we normal plebs have no clue about. While lead actress, Ashlynn Yennie doesn’t have the most amazing resume (she was in TWO Human Centipede movies) she’s actually quite capable in the role of a sexually naive woman who gets literally roped into the BDSM world.

7.) Melissa Benoist as “Supergirl”


Melissa Benoist plays “Supergirl” and she’s also super naked on Google. Back in 2014, you may recall a paradigm-shifting event cleverly named “The Fappening” where hackers stole thousands of nude photos that belonged to a myriad of well-known female celebrities. You can thank Apple Cloud’s faulty service for the plethora for authentic naked pictures of famous actresses and singers. Melissa Benoist’s leaked pictures are so hardcore I can’t even post them here for fear of FBI G-men rappelling from the ceiling above and putting a jackboot up my throat.

8.) Miley Fucking Cyrus

I’m going to put all my cards on the table now. I hate this woman. I’m only posting nude Miley Cyrus pictures here because I recognize that while I loathe this human trash fire, you may not share my disgust. Here ya go!




There. I’m fuckin’ done. Moving on!

9.) Selena Gomez Wearing See-Through Dress and Panty Slip



10.) Emmanuelle Chriqui (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Definitely one of the reasons why I binge-watched television show “Entourage”!!! Here she is doing some artsy-fartsy photography. Hey, I’ll take it!


11.) JoJo in See-Through Top


12.) Emily Ratajkowski Nude!

Model turned actress, Emily Ratajkowski is crazy hot! I don’t know fuck-all about her but who needs to with that bonerific face and body!


I hope you enjoyed my list of Best Sexy Celebrity Nudes of 2016: Part 1! As this year eventually draws to a close, I’m confident enough to bet my first-born child on the fact that there will be more tasty leaked nudes in the future. As long as the nude pics keep leakin’, we’ll keep peepin’! First and last time I will say that.

Did I miss any of your favorite celebrity nudes? Sound off in the comments section!

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