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Best Buy VS. NewEgg over Use of GEEK…


NL- Best Buy sent NewEgg esentially a cease & desist over the use of their colors, logos, GEEK, and parody of their employees in a commercial. NeeEgg, being the “hip” online store that they are posted the paperwork at their site. I think that’s a good move on their part. Makes Best Buy look  like a bunch of big babies. Here’s part of the letter. You can see the whole thing, along with some interesting comment on NewEgg’s Facebook page, here   

The commercial they are talking about shows a kid in a blue shirt answering the question “What is the difference between these two computers?” with “I dunno.”   You can see it here

(What does this have to do with porn you may ask? Nothing that I see, I just thought it was interesting. But you know what? Seems like everything actually does have a connection to porn in some way, kind of like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon… If any of you want to play with it and find the connection please feel free to go for it.)

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