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So you are looking to download porn from file hosts?  Are you looking for a tool to download porn from both Porn Forums and Free Porn download and sharing sites categories? What you are looking for, is a good download manager that will slash the time you wait for a video to download. The following are key pointers that you should consider before settling for a download manager:

  1. Ensure that the download manager speeds up the download process by breaking the file into smaller manageable portions.
  2. Then, make sure that the download resumes after being paused for a while – a good download manager will allow you to pause the download session and resume at your convenience.
  3. Also, confirm whether the manager compensates for poor internet conditions by resuming the download where it left off after the web
  4. Lastly, with some download managers, you can play the video even before the download is completed.

I understand the frustrations that come with downloading your favourite porn videos with a poor quality download manager. For that reason, I conducted research on some of the best download managers out there. The following are best download managers in the 2017 market and depending on your tastes and preferences choose the best.

Top 5 internet download managers

1.       Jdownloader

JDownloader tops my list. It is a free program which is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. JDownloader is entirely based on the Java format and runs on Java 1.5 platform or above. This manager has a lot of impressive features, but one which is outstanding is that it allows you to play and pause the file you are downloading even before the download is complete. You need to make sure you are downloading the best file, you know.

In addition, it can break down large files into smaller manageable files to help you swiftly download your videos and get on with them. Nothing is so devastating than slow download speeds, but luckily, you won’t have to worry about that with JDownloader.  As a bonus, this manager has a maximum of 300 plugins which allow the user to use WordPress and UCMS.

Jdownloader is a great manager which allows you to download multiple files at once. You will find this convenient especially if you are the impatient type. Because of its ability to bypass sites, you won’t have to put up with annoying ads.

2. Internet Download Manager

IDM is another ideal download manager for your porn videos. It features a smart download logic accelerator which has intelligent dynamic file segmentation that will help speed your download more than five times. With IDM, download speeds are always impressing.  Conveniently, it has a recovery and resume capability meaning it will restart broken or interrupted downloads for you.

Another fantastic feature about this manager is its seamless ability to integrate with many browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird and other modern browsers.

Amazingly, IDM allows you to schedule your downloads. It can dial up your modem, download your files as scheduled, and even shut down the computer once the process is complete. Popular opinion shows that IDM is one of the best download managers. With these amazing features, I can confidently guarantee you that this will greatly aid your porn downloading escapades.

3. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a free download manager you can use to download your favourite porn videos. It has a video review feature which allows you to play your video files even before the downloading process is complete.

Additionally, with DAP you can resume all paused and interrupted video downloads at once. It also has a link checker which will ensure you don’t waste your precious time on broken downloads – one can easily and quickly access the file information.

Download Accelerator Plus also comes with a free video converter with a high conversion speed. Note, Download Accelerator Plus allows you to get favourite videos from over 165 video sites which will leave you spoilt for choices for porn videos.

4. Internet Download Accelerator

Many users rightly complain about slow download speeds. With Internet Download Accelerator, such problems will be a thing of the past. Through its HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, IDA noticeably boosts the download speed by splitting the video you are downloading into smaller files that are downloaded simultaneously.

Also, there won’t be any need to worry about broken connections because IDA will duly resume the downloads for you.  IDA also has increased usability through its integration with multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Safari, Yandex Browser amongst others.

Internet Download Accelerator also has a feature called Zip Preview which will enable you to watch the video you are downloading even if it’s only halfway. You can terminate the download at your convenience if the porn video does not suit your taste. Download and save the best porn videos on your hard drive using IDA.

5. Ninja Download Manager

Don’t get confused by the name; this is a very powerful download manager. By using its multiple simultaneous connections, NDM improves the download speed by splitting your large video files into small ones that are then downloaded using different server connections. Like other powerful download managers, NDM has a Sequential File Writing which allows it to preview your file from start to finish so you can watch it before the download is completed.

At a resolution of at 1080p resolution, Ninja download manager guarantees quality. It also comes with a Media Conversion feature which will enable you to convert your audio/video files easily. You can also automatically extract audio from your video once the download is completed.

Bottom line

Any of the download managers on the above list will guarantee you an excellent porn downloading experience. It’s only a matter of choosing the one you feel best fulfils your needs, and you are good to go.

Enjoy the experience!

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