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Best of the Web, voting time on Rabbit’s Reviews

We are excited to launch our second annual Best of the Web awards and are here to announce that nominations are now being accepted! The list of this year’s categories is below. Take a look through them and nominate any site you think could be a contender. Nominations are open from today until January 19 and the winners will be announced on February 8.

NL- I’ve listed some of the categories, do see them all and to nominate sites go here

Good luck to all!

* Sites needed to be updated in the past two months to be eligible.

Best Bang for Your Buck: The winner of this category will be the site with the best overall value. We’ll take a look at how many videos a site is offering and the price of a membership. Any site listed on Rabbits is eligible for the win here. Whichever has the lowest price for the most content wins!

Most Original Premise: We seek unique sites that are producing content that is outside the norm. No casting-couch site will have a chance for the win here. If it comes at porn from a different perspective, and we reviewed it for the first time in 2010, nominate it now!

Hottest Butt Award: You want some prize with that shake? We want the hottest ass in porn. Period. It just has to be a model’s site that we’ve listed on RabbitsReviews.

Best Boobs Award: This category will feature some serious juggernauts who have stellar boobs. Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. What really counts is how they appear in the eyes of our review staff. The model just needs to have a site reviewed on Rabbits and their name submitted.

Best BJ Award: Some sites are clearly a-head of the competition. We aren’t looking for biggest and best blowjob site. We already have those ranked on Rabbits. What we want here are the best blowjobs overall. It’s about skill and quality and our reviewers think they’ll be able to tell between those who are passionate about their prick sucking and those who are just going through the motions. Any site reviewed on Rabbits prior to 2011 is eligible.

Best Ebony Model: Black and beautiful women take center stage for this award that sets out to highlight the best ebony model on the planet. Qualifications include performance, charm and interaction. If you know a girl with a site on Rabbits that fits the bill, drop her name our way and we’ll make sure she’s in the running!

Best New Amateur Site: Sometimes sites are great from day one. We call that beginner’s fuck. This category will look at sites that were first reviewed on Rabbits in 2010 where the focus is on many amateur models – not just one. The site should have launched in 2010 or the last six months of 2009.

Best Tranny Model: Pass the cup because it’s T-time! We are set to pick the hottest and best overall shemale model on the planet. She just needs to have her site listed on RabbitsReviews. Nominate your favorite lady today!

Hottest MILFs: This “Mom of the Year” award will go to the site that features the hottest MILFs. Sometimes appearance is everything and this is one of those times. Any site listed on Rabbits prior to 2011 qualifies. Let’s see which moms make the grade.

Best Bondage: This category is fit to be tied! We are looking for the best overall bondage site. We won’t hold back, despite the restraints. We’ll be taking into consideration things like styles and settings to ensure that the best BDSM content comes first.

Best Feet Award: Fancy footwork will be needed to win this award. We don’t just want foot vids. We want the winner of this category to have their padded paws doing more than looking pretty. The site that does that the best wins the prize!

Best Cam Site: Cumming to you live, the sites nominated for this category should have the best overall experience for members. We’ll be looking at ease of navigation, extra features and search functions. Live cams are one of our favorite types of porn sites and we want to make sure the best and brightest are on display.

Reviewers’ Choice: This is the only category we’re not taking nominations for. It’s up to the reviewers to figure out which sites they like best and then they’ll have to mud wrestle to convince the other reviewers to vote their way. Only good things will come from our reviewers’ choice.

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