Best Sex Positions For A Bad Back

Love sex but have a bad back? Good news, The University of Waterloo is doing a study to find out the ideal sex positions for people with back problems.

The research team has 5 healthy couples that do not suffer from lower back pains, they were fitted with reflective markers that act as sensors and monitored how hard muscles working during sex. Natalie Sidorkewicz, the lead author of this study, suggests that controlling the movement your hips and knees will be more spine sparing. And for the person not controlling the movement to maintain a neutral spine.


For those who are “flexion-intolerant,” having sex in the spoon position is a huge no-no. You should also avoid missionary where your arms propped up by your elbows. Doggy seems to be your best option.

People who suffer from back pain while lying on their back or stomach or “extension-intolerant” might benefit from doing it in the spoon position. The worst position would be doggy.

There will be more data in the upcoming months with I assume more positions. The study is very informative though I’m surprised they were the first to come up with this study. If you’ve made it to this part, here’s a pat on the back and an awesome massage-ish video.


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