Best sex toys for men

Self-pleasure aka masturbation has evolved a lot over the last few years. Talented masturbation technicians have taken the sex world by storm with an array of sex tools for men that have challenged the knowledge we thought we had.  The best sex toys out there take the shape of the female anatomy (which is pretty much the goal here ;)) while others may be slightly different. Either way, they have opened up a new way for men to improve their solo pleasure. Whether it is electro-stimulation, vibration or prostate play, these sex toys will make your masturbatory dreams come true. I have a couple of my boys juggling with dilemmas of which sex toys would best fit their needs. For that reason, I researched which are the best sex toys, in today’s market. Stop the guesswork! Choose one in my list that takes you to cloud 9 and enjoy yourself.

Five top-rated sex toys for men

1.       Fleshlight

Fleshlight is quite literally the mother of all male sex toys. They are a premium to play with your sexual pleasure. Fleshlight is made from patented, high-quality SuperSkin which will give you a real sexual sensation. Sex toys experts, with evidence, consider this to be the best handheld male sex toy.

For starters, Fleshlight is designed using some groundbreaking innovation making it blend right in. While other masturbation toys may stand out, Fleshlight is made to look like some forgotten flashlight that’s gathering dust. How about that for being discreet? Trust me; you don’t want a sex toy that’s shouting ‘masturbation’ to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Another Fleshlight’s feature that makes it stand out is its blowjob-like suction. This is made possible by its unique casing which creates an adjustable vacuum such that every time you will be pulling out your member out of the Fleshlight; a blowjob-like suction will be created giving you a rousing sensation you don’t wanna miss out. It is easy to use and clean and also last a lifetime if handled carefully. Additionally, it is Safe, non-toxic and without phthalates.

I’m sure you are looking to upgrade your masturbation sessions and give your hand a little break. I recommend Fleshlight for an ecstatic satisfaction. It will set you back some $59, but it is worth every dime.

2. RealDoll

Hot on the heels of Fleshlight is yet another fantastic male sex toy- RealDoll. In fact, so cocky are the manufacturers of this toy that they like calling it ‘love doll’ because it is much more than a sex toy. It comes with some of the most advanced technologies in its skeletal components which means you can interchange the face of this doll quite without much hustle.

At $5499.00, you would expect no less. RealDoll is designed to recreate the appearance, texture, and weight of the human female. It is what you are getting. The dolls used to be made using tin cure silicone, but that has since changed to platinum silicone the results are dolls that are less prone to tear and compression marks. With RealDoll, you are buying quality and durability.

It’s amazing how you can change this doll’s eyes and hairstyles to suit your desires which makes RealDoll one of the best male sex toy in the market.  Additionally, you can purchase several heads and use the doll which will get you feeling like you are making love to someone different every night.  The RealDoll 2 features removable inserts for both the vagina and the mouth. The doll’s body is equipped with gel implants in the buttocks area which gives it an ultra-real look and feel. RealDoll is the closest to the real thing, and I recommend RealDoll to all masturbation enthusiasts.

3. Screaming O Ringo Cock Ring

Ringo rings are male sex toys that will give you the ultimate partner pleasure.  This is one sex toy whose features will intensify your pleasure to unimaginable levels. It features stretchy cock rings which will make you comfortable, yet snug fit. It is also designed to make your cock harder and firmer which will no doubt increase your pleasure.

This sex toy also delays your ejaculation so when you cum, it will feel like a sensational burst, again, the ultimate goal. Screaming O Ringo Cock Ring is also made to help you control your orgasms to give them a more explosive feel.

Additionally, this toy is made from soft and ‘cushiony’ material to give you a real-life like experience. With an original diameter of 1.5 inches, it can be stretched up to 7 inches depending on the size of your shaft. Once you are done with your business, you can use the water-based lubricant to slide your fingers inside and lift it off. At $15, go to and grab yourself a Screaming O Ringo Cock Ring.

4. Big Rack Masturbator Vagina And Breast

As the name suggests, this is for men who love both vaginas and breasts (pretty much every man). Like you may very well know, nothing beats slipping in between breasts and letting them lift up your desire, then going down on some tight vaginal penetration. It’s simply ecstatic.

With Big Rack, you can have it both ways. It gives you the opportunity to lose yourself in in the smooth and plump breasts with a life-like vaginal entry that’s surely going to give you added pleasure. If you are both a boobs and vagina guy, the biggest question will be where to start. The bottom line is, you won’t be disappointed with this product. It will only set you back some $34.

5. All Star Enhancer Penis Ring

If you are that guy who loves firmer, long-lasting erections, this is for you. Enhancer penis ring will help you during penetration and will give you and your partner the perfect sensation. It features a fabulously soft and stretchy penis and scrotum ring to give you the perfect support. It is also manufactured in smoke coloured thermoplastic rubber complete with shaft teasing stimulating nubs and a nubbed scrotum ring to stimulate the testicles. A combination of all these will also ensure your erection stays intact.

With the All Star Enhancer Ring at the base of your shaft and around the scrotum, you will be ready for action with a firm hard-on and a pleasurable long-lasting performance for you and your partner. Once you order this product on, it will be shipped in a discreet box, so nobody will know what is inside. All this for $15.

Last word

The above are the best sex toys you will get in the market. Depending on your taste and budget, lots of options you got here. Enhance your sexual pleasures, gentlemen!

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