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Beware of Bill Fisher – He’s Back and Stealing $$$$ – Again!

It’s funny how short people’s memories are when it comes to those jack asses that scam people.

Well I don’t want you to forget this name Bill Fisher because he’s crawled out from under his rock again only this time he’s taken even more people for a ride.

bill fisher

Let’s start with a history lesson …

Bill Fisher called himself “the king of all MILF films” yet most people who have done business with him in the porn industry know him simply as “douche bag”.  He’s screwed over more people than I could even begin to count.  He’s taken advantage of so many people and left many many bills unpaid including those to copyright control people, at least one magazine, more than a handful of producers, two DVD distribution companies (those guys who actually print the DVDs) and that we know of at least one company who authors DVDs.  He owes person after person thousands and thousands of dollars and he left the industry in 2011 with his tail tucked between his legs, clearly with no intention to ever repay any of the long list of people he owes money to.

The Broward Palm Beach New Times, a local Florida newspaper reported that in 2010 he was facing a handful of fraud lawsuits for his work on the Showtime series Miami Beach Heat.  Including Megan Wants a Millionaire star of the VH1 Reality show saying he exploited her and tricked her into making softcore porn.  Megan Hauserman and two other stars of the show claim they had no idea that was how the Showtime series was going to be and they were duped into porn.

If that wasn’t enough Bill Fisher was also running a nifty little scam.

Bill Fisher tricked investors into giving him money in return for making adult films of which he would distribute under his brands or labels Cezar Capone, Amateur District and or other related lines, then when it came time for the investors to collect Bill Fisher took off with all of their money.

Bill Fisher would use his associations with well known people in the industry to make these investors feel secure in giving him their money including AVN who for years hired him to produce the AVN red carpet show for the AVN Hall of Fame and at least in one case would have employees of –another well known company– confirm some of his outlandish claims on potential sales figures when calculating potential return on their investment.

There were some people that paid for the production of their own movies and he would distribute them under his brands. However when it came time to pay those people for the money they made from those movies, he never paid up. Those people basically got their movies stolen from them. They paid to produce them and then never got a fucking dime from the sales – DVD, VOD or Broadcast deals. Pulse paid Bill Fisher, and Bill kept all the fucking money for himself.

When it came to making his own movies he didn’t pay for those either! Lots of people didn’t get paid including editors, the people who replicated the DVDs, the guys who authored them and the poor guy who worked to keep his movies from being pirated on tube sites. All those people did the work and Bill Fisher never paid them. Would you like to work for weeks and then when it came time to get your paycheck, your boss is like ummm I’m busy call me later?

Would suck, right?

Now you would think all of that is bad enough, right?

It gets worse!

Bill Fisher left the porn industry but not before registering some really shady domain names like “YourYoungDaughter” and other similar inappropriate domain names. You know what he did next? He started a company working with underage children. How fucking creepy is that?

I don’t know what ever came of that venture, but eventually he got into the vape business and that’s when his level of scheming and scamming went through the roof.

On December 3, 2014 a person posted a simple question in a Facebook affiliate group, asking for advice …

Bill Fisher of AccurateVenture Keeps pushing back payments on a $4x,xxx invoice. First time I wasn’t awared until after a payment had been missing for 4+ days. Each week afterwards it kept being pushed back.

I understood (my attrition rates were higher than normal) but he keeps avoiding the question of when an actual payment is coming.

He also keeps saying that he will send me a list of conversions that were reversed (so I can act appropriately on my side, and ban affiliates that have higher return rates). Each day he has told me that he will get it to me that day – this has been going on for ~2 weeks.

Last time I talked to him was on Wednesday. I tried reaching out every day since Monday with no response.

What should I do in this situation?

So what we learned from this one post is that  Bill Fisher was running a company called Accurate Venture and he owed some guy more than $40,000. He didn’t pay and avoided speaking to the guy, instead of working it out.

Turns out though, this guy wasn’t alone.

Turns out before he started that company he ran one under the name American Smoke and shocker of all shocks, Bill Fisher didn’t pay people from that venture either.

Sean Newhouse: I’ve had someone contact me telling me the same thing happened to them by this guy (under American Smoke). Ryan Krongel – how do you suggest I go about doing that? Do you have any recommendations? If I do go this route, how high is the chance that nothing will happen?

Poor Sean wasn’t alone though. He ripped some poor guy named Joe Royer for over $80,000!!!

Joe Royer: Bill Fisher’s Americansmoke still owes us $8x,xxx. Tried to post here 4 or 5 months ago about it, but for some reason my post wasn’t approved.

Think they are alone? Nope! Turns out there are more people. This next guy doesn’t say home much.

Josh Valdez Elizetxe: That dirty c*nt owes us money still, too.

And wait – THERE IS MORE!

Kevin De Vincenzi bill got me for 98k and screwed Anthony Ferlanti as well

Know what Bill Fisher does? He blames the people he ripped off and says if they don’t quit posting he is going to report them to the FTC! No seriously, the man has some balls!

One of the poor suckers that Bill Fisher ripped off responded.

Sean Newhouse: Bill,  1) Over the 2 months we actually spoke with each other, I think you spelled my name right once. This is when every single piece of conversation we had has had my name clearly shown. (Skype & Emails)

2) That’s fine, my traffic source is very volatile – some people misrepresent. However, I tried to remedy the situation with you consistently. We were constantly banning users, and correcting people who were non-compliant. However, your main issue wasn’t non compliance, it was the problem of chargebacks. I understood due to my age demo, and was willing to compromise. For weeks you failed to send me information that you promised/were obligated to send. I’m sure the FTC would be pleased to see that you were a part of the same issue you were complaining about.

3) If the issue was something realistic, you would not have coming up with lie after lie to keep me sending traffic – you wanted the traffic for free.

I have only heard one person ever give you positive feedback. How do you always have a story on why somebody screwed you, Are you THAT unlucky? No one is buying it. Report me to the FTC and I’ll thank you for getting me into contact.  tl;dr. You can’t redeem yourself in this group unless you make good on your invoices. No one cares if you didn’t get paid out, you’ve done that too many times for any of us to feel sorry.

But like always Bill Fisher blames everyone but himself. He takes and takes and takes because the fucker always gets away with it. As if all the people he ripped off in porn wasn’t enough, he’s now back at it with new companies.

Stop working with this man!

How in the hell do you not understand that if you have anything to do with Bill Fisher he will rip you off?


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