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Beware Of Promoting GFE Dating On Social Media #FOSTA/SESTA

The owners of GFE Dating are offering girls 20-30 bucks for every referral they send. This has caused a few girls to promote GFE on both social media as well as only fans and snap chat. Unfortunately for a few girls, private sites have begin banning because of GFE promotion and using SESTA/FOSTA as the reason.

Sort of hard to stay under the radar when the first 13 words on the website are

Escorts, Escort Listings, Escort Reviews, & Escort Client Verification

Times have changed, the days of openly promoting escort agencies left when Craigslist shutdown their personals area…There’s too much money at stake to fuck around with escort site promotion,

Is 30 bucks worth losing your Only Fans, or your Snap Chat?

Y’all do what you want, but when the hammer falls, don’t blame porn, the writing is on the wall, pushing escorting through private companies like IG, Only Fans and Snap Chat will have negative consequences on your social media accounts, and if its Only Fans, your pocket book

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