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Big $ Award for 56 yr old Woman got the Herp from 77 yr old who “failed to mention it”


If you wake up the morning after a one-night stand with a little something more than a hangover, should you able to sue the person who slapped you with that nasty case of crotch cooties? A 56-year-old woman in Riverside County, Calif., was recently awarded over $7 million after contracting genital herpes from a partner, a 77-year-old man who had genital herpes for over 25 years and failed to mention it.

The man also failed to use a condom, so now the woman has genital herpes, too, and said she was denied health insurance after contracting the sexually transmitted disease.

This isn’t the first time the STD has infected the court system — celebs from Michael Vick to Robin Williams to David Hasselhoff have been sued for passing along the disease.

Call us crazy, but isn’t it the responsibility of both partners to insist on safe sex? And for $7 million, couldn’t you live with some occasional itching and burning?

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