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Big Brother, Big Boobs

I really like the show Big Brother. I have watched every episode since the first season. I am a voyeur, but I’m not just into watching people have sex, I’m into watching people live their lives and BB is a microcosm of society. Besides the recorded, edited down to a sensible time version for a TV show three times a week, there is also a live 3 hour feed every night from 9-12 PST (12-3am EST) on Showtime After Dark, and a live chat at Also a 24/7 feed on your computer via ( that you pay for). Yes I do to have a life, it’s just that most of it takes place online….

And in this season of BB I’ll take April for a thousand! She has blonde hair and big boobs. She’s 30 and single. She likes to watch sports and have sex. Her favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber and she likes to read gossip magazines ( and websites?). She stood up within five minutes of meeting all her housemates for the first time, announced that her boobs were real and let everyone feel them. Sounds like my kind of girl. Wonder what I can find out about her past, lol. (last season it was eventually found out by the bloggers that the show had a stripper, a gay male porn star and a hot bi-girl) Stay Tuned.

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