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Big Brother is Watching, Checking & Removing, Google Tells us WHO

Google’s Tranparency Report: Country’s Government’s Requests for Info

Transparency Report: We’ve created an interactive map of Government Requests that shows the number of government inquiries for information about users and requests for Google to take down or censor content. We hope this step toward greater transparency will help in ongoing discussions about the appropriate scope and authority of government requests.

Our interactive Traffic graphs provide information about traffic to Google services around the world. Each graph shows historic traffic patterns for a given country/region and service. By illustrating outages, this tool visualizes disruptions in the free flow of information, whether it’s a government blocking information or a cable being cut. We hope this raw data will help facilitate studies about service outages and disruptions.Like other technology and communications companies, we regularly receive requests from government agencies around the world to remove content from our services, or provide information about users of our services and products. This map shows the number of requests that we received in six-month blocks with certain limitations.

NL Those with the biggest # of requests for info and removal of info? THE UNITED STATES, Brazil, & UK. (January 2010 to June 2010)

Click here to Go see the map for yourself, big surprises, huh?  You can also click on the country and it lists what kind of info was requested and deleted. Very interesting…

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