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BigDickDaddy = Roy Garcia?

On a previous thread on this site, there has been some speculation that our own BigDickDaddy is none other than former agent/director Roy Garcia a.k.a. Peter Romero.

Some excerpts:

Roy Garcia = Peter Romero, look him up, he shoots or did shoot for Playboy’s sites, he drops Playboy’s name a lot and has a rep for refusing to pay talent that perform for him. He used to be talent…


Interesting: I noticed that neither Roy Garcia or “BigDickDaddy” has posted since my post about Roy Garcia being “BigDickDaddy”. And, you’d think BDD would trash Roy like he does EVERYONE ELSE (plus the chosen few he loves to repeat himself about like a skipping C.D.)! I’ve also read “BigDickDaddy” reveal in these recent LIB posts that he lives down south (Roy lives towards San Diego) and is latino. HMMMMMM…

BDD responds (to Jeremy Steele)

I’m not Roy Garcia but I have never said anything about him because he is gone. He is out of the business. Unlike you and Regan Senter both of whom just dont know when to quit! Both of you scammed your way into some pussy. Okay, great. Those days are gone. Its time you did like Roy and moved onto other things like selling moon boots to other nerds.

What do you think?

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