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Bill Fisher Facing Jail Time For Fraud?

I am not one to normally post on rumors that I haven’t been able to track down with certain facts beforehand but in this particular case since I have … well some personal knowledge of it, I figured it would be okay.  When the story came in, I must admit, I wasn’t surprised.   I think the only real shocker here is that it took so long for his past to catch up with him.  This guy screwed with so many people, and really hurt a lot of good, hard working people that didn’t deserve it … so I must say, I kinda smiled when I read the paperwork leaked to me tonight.

Bill Fisher calls himself “the king of all MILF films” yet most people who have done business with him in the porn industry know him simply as “douche bag”.  He’s screweed over more people than I could even begin to count.  He’s taken advantage of so many people and left many many bills unpaid including those to copyright control people, at least one magazine, more than a handful of producers, two DVD distribution companies (those guys who actually print the DVDs) and that we know of at least one company who authors DVDs.  He owes person after person thousands and thousands of dollars and he left the industry in 2011 with his tail tucked between his legs, clearly with no intention to ever repay any of the long list of people he owes money to.

Bill Fisher

The Broward Palm Beach New Times, a local Florida newspaper reported that in 2010 he was facing a handful of fraud lawsuits for his work on the Showtime series Miami Beach Heat.  Including Megan Wants a Millionaire star of the VH1 Reality show saying he exploited her and tricked her into making softcore porn.   Megan Hauserman and two other stars of the show claim they had no idea that was how the Showtime series was going to be and they were duped into porn.

But really this is nothing compared to the rumor I heard today and it’s a good one.  It turns out investor fraud is a felony in the state of Florida.

According to recent news reports, it seems that South Florida is known as “a hotbed of investment fraud”.

Over the past several years, South Florida has earned a reputation as a hotbed of securities fraud, investment scams and Ponzi Schemes and law enforcement officials have started to put their foot down in an attempt to clean up the mess.

According to the rumors, Bill Fisher tricked investors to give him money in return for making adult films of which he would distribute under his brands or labels Cezar Capone, Amateur District and or other related lines, then when it came time for the investors to collect Bill Fisher took off with all of their money.

While there is no way to know for sure how much of this story is true, I am told the investigators have at least three different complainants in which he tricked into investing, then when the movies were made he kept all of the money for himself.  When the investors went to try and get their money he would simply ignore them, one of which he is rumored to owe more than $60,000.

Bill Fisher would use his associations with well known people in the industry to make these investors feel secure in giving him their money including AVN who for years hired him to produce the AVN red carpet show for the AVN Hall of Fame and at least in one case would have employees of –another well known company– confirm some of his outlandish claims on potential sales figures when calculating potential return on their investment.

But here is the interesting part of this story … the rumor is, these investors aren’t involved in their own personal lawsuits with him.  They are instead cooperating with law enforcement officials in an investor fraud investigation that could land him in jail which is considered “rampant” in South Florida at this time.

In June of this year the FBI formed a task force specifically for the Southern District of Florida Securities and Investment Fraud and to date 85 defendants have been charged as part of the crack down.  Will Bill Fisher be lucky #86?  One can only hope so.   He’s screwed enough people.  It’s time for him to get his comeuppance.

The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida is said to be interviewing several people involved in the Bill Fisher case and tiny bits of information has been leaked as a result.  So if anything else comes out about this case I’ll be sure to let you know.

If others associated with Bill Fisher and his shady business practices will be involved in the legal issues, I don’t really know.  I don’t know to what extent anyone any others were involved into tricking people into doing business with Bill Fisher.  I guess only time will tell.

Sometime last year Bill Fisher sold off his interest in the Cezar Capone and Amateur District labels and the new owners are not in any way associated with the investment fraud scheme that Bill Fisher was running.


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