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Bill Margold Debates Anita Cannibal; Sharon Mitchell: 95% of Performers Have Herpes

Gene Ross reports:

Before she got onto the condoms subject, Cannibal reported some findings from her last week’s show about talent agencies. Nelson read from a reviews list to say that Lisa Ann’s agency, Gold Star Modeling, Black Widow and L.A. Direct have apparently dotted the proper “i’s” and crossed the correct “t’s” in obtaining their licenses. Perhaps there are other agencies, but they weren’t mentioned by name.

“And who cares if they’re not licensed or are double-dipping?” Cannibal asked sarcastically.

Nelson also quoted AIM’s Sharon Mitchell as telling him that 95% of the performers in the industry have herpes.

As if this strengthened her point about latex, Cannibal repeated her long held belief that women have the right to be protected in porn’s work environment.

“But nobody wants to deal with this,” she says. “Women have rights, and they should be able to exercise their rights. No one’s letting them.”

“What is this right’s bullshit?” Margold wanted to know. “You come into this business, you know what to expect.”

Since Cannibal had brought up the issue, Margold said PAW was created with the concern about a porn performer’s mental stability, not necessarily physical.

“The mind is more fragile than the body,” explains Margold who likes to tell a new girl in the business, ‘Sell me your soul and I will make you famous.’

“Like I did with you in 1997,” he reminds Cannibal.

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