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Bill Margold Offers His Wisdom to the Masses (lol)

This is from  by Jade

NL-I am a very sensitive person and I generally get upset if someone dislikes me, because overall I think I am a pretty nice person. But I have to admit when I read the statement below I burst out laughing. A 70 year old porn guy feels that saying that he hates me is more important than answering a question about HIV! Wow, and I thought Donny Long was an immature asshole. Let me just say that this made my day and I am still LMAO. (Bill-that means Laughing my ass off)


What Bill Marigold thinks about the HIV case

Do you think that AIM should tell the XXX industry the names of the talent that tests positive for HIV and the names of the people who have had sex with that HIV positive performer?

Bill- One, I hate Cindy at Luke is Back, and now that I got that out of the way, when your privates become public, you lose all of your privates and once you become public you lose all of your privacy. Confidentiality is a cloak behind which only cowards hide.

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