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Bill Margold Responds to Our “Resident Squirrel”

Bill Margold writes- Am truly disappointed……that you’ve decided to curtail (after only two installments) the latest and highly amusing attack on me and Protecting Adult Welfare  (plus Hawaiian shirts, The Detroit Lions, and of course, numerous  Teddy Bears ) by your “no one else will let us rant” minions.   
BTW: considerable portions of the postings against me in the first two installments will be the basis of an upcoming column discussing the tragic fact that some people are born small while others work hard at remaining that way until they die.


I answer- I’d be happy to post your side of the story if you choose to write it. You didn’t mention whether you wanted your email put up on the site. I’d like to do that also. Thank you for reading LIB.


Bill Margold writes- I don’t read LIB.

I was alerted to what your resident squirrel was up to when I I looked at ADULTFYI (next to AINEWS…my favorite site on the Internet’s barb-wire treadmill) a few days ago.

And then…I was asked if I had ever met someone named Mariah Milano.
I looked her up and must admit that she (and her comments) are remarkably unmemorable.

Of course…you are welcome to run my e-mail address ([email protected]) but I think that promoting my site:—would also be appropriate as that’s where I shall be creating my responses, in which, be forewarned, I will consider everyone “fair game.”

And please…let your “little man” finish his trilogy.
Or is there is a possibilty that you have come to your senses about the senselessness of it all?

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