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Billy Santoro Unleashes

Porn superstar Billy Santoro is known for his passionate performances, rock hard abs and sardonic wit – but he’s about to show off his entrepreneurial skills, too. Billy recently developed the new website, and unveiled an innovative concept that excited his fans — and earned a side eye from his haters. PassTheTea sat down with Billy to get the low down on LeakedAndLoaded and how it came to be the model’s #1 passion project.

PTT: Tell us about LeakedandLoaded and what made you come up with the concept.

BS: Leaked and Loaded was a few years in the making. First of all, my goal as a performer has always been to be an open book and to make myself accessible to fans, and that approach resulted in a huge and very loyal fan base. There’s a reason reality TV dominates the entertainment market: people what to know what’s going on beyond that fourth wall.

At the same time, I was discovering that traditional porn no longer turned me on, because I understood the amount of staging involved, and I knew that most porn scenes lack real passion. I started asking my husband to meet up with guys for sex and take smart phone videos of his encounters. I wanted him to text me little clips when I was on set, to help me get turned on for my scenes. Well, I showed a few models some of the clips and they were instantly turned on. That’s when I realized I was on to something. Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes.

Next I had to address certain questions, like how can I protect the models long term? What do I pay models for each clip? I talked to a number of models who weren’t being cast much by porn companies, and I offered to buy their homemade sex clips (which can be as short as 2 minutes in duration) for $50 each.

Basically, the deal is you hook up with whoever you want, send me as many clips as you want, and you get paid. I’ve issued models checks for as much as $2000 at a time. It’s a great way for models to make money between shoots — and to get that extra marketing push.

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