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Black Widow Talent Incorporated?

F-whore posts to XPT:

Can someone tell brain wizard Ric Williams, who claim to have run Fortune 500 companies that you CAN’T INCORPORATE a limited liability company [LLC] in California or any state.

Rick, there is a huge difference between a corporation, a Sub Chapter S corporation and a limited liability company.

The term INCORPORATE means turning a company into a CORPORATION. A limited liability company IS NOT a corporation.

Yes, they have similar liability protections but are still vastly different. Yes a sub-chapter S corporation shares some tax advantages as a LLC in the eyes of the IRS.

But at the end of the day, a LLC is NOT a corporation.

Black Widow Talent being “INCORPORATED” or formed as a LLC doesn’t mean diddly squat to talent or producers that use your company. All that means is now you are trying to protect your personal assets if and when you start ripping off talent or anyone else.

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