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Blind Hate on LIB

Blind Hate

by Al Blanco 

The phenomenon known as hating is when a person expresses negative opinions of a person or thing that is successful, liked by many, in an enviable position or simply great, usually due to insecurity and/or jealousy on the part of the hater.  Everyone has the capacity to be a hater, however there are those who ascend (or descend if you will) to the level I refer to as true haters.  A true hater is one who maintains his/her hate even in the presence of clear, reasonable and irrefutable evidence to the contrary.  A true hater doesn’t have the ability to appreciate like the rest of us do.  They derive sadistic pleasure from expressing their hate of other people and things.  Nothing will ever please a true hater because they are designed to only feel hate.

Let us not confuse hate with justifiable criticism, something that is not only a good thing but is a conduit to progress.  Criticism is backed up by facts, not merely opinions, while hate is strictly in the eye of the beholder.  Opinion indeed has its place in criticism, however only the opinions of highly knowledgeable individuals, specific to the subject, are of any relevance.  You don’t see Roger Ebert reviewing music for a reason.

Hate in this world is inevitable and unavoidable.  To overcome the mass of haters in this world it is best to simply condition yourself to be impervious to their hate.  Take Donald Trump for example.  This is a man who is hated on left and right, but who handles hate amongst the best: he doesn’t give a shit.  Make fun of his comb-over to his face and he’ll tell you that comb-over has been around more money and fucked badder bitches than you’ll ever see.

One place hate is appropriate is in the realm of comedy, in which case it is understood as satire.  The comic takes no pleasure in making the subject of his derision feel pain; his art is hate and he takes pleasure in creating art, not destroying the subject.  Many people hate with the guise of comedy, however that ruse is easily detectable due to the passion in the hate and its obviously stinging intent.  Don Rickles could be ruthless, but it was obvious his goal wasn’t to tear down the person, it was to make a joke.

In my opinion, hate can also be appropriate when the hater has intimate knowledge of the subject.  For example, if there is a guy at work that I know from countless encounters is a complete douche, it’s okay to hate on other things about him.  Our perception of others is affected by hate; if I hate you I might have a negative opinion of something you did, however if that same act involved someone I was cool with I might be indifferent to it.  That’s life.

There is much hate at LukeIsBack and a good amount is in the spirit of comedy, although even some of the comedic hate is just not funny, it’s stupid.  There is other hate that is true hate disguised as comedy, which I think is unfortunate.  The hate on this site of TS’s, she-males, chicks with dicks, whatever you want to call them I think is extreme and also curious coming from supposed socially liberal individuals.

On the subject of trannys, I am going to play good cop first.  The reason I wonder why trannys in porn are hated so much is because they are really no different than the women in porn.  Women in porn were not born with those tits, those asses or those lips.  Women in porn dye their hair, use extensions and have more paint on their face than clowns.  In that sense, a tranny is just as real as a women in porn, which is not real at all.  Come on, female porn actresses must look as different from their high school photos as a tranny does.  Furthermore, there are trannys that are prettier than many, many women, even some in porn.  I love Sara Jay, I think her body is the shit and I would smash the shit out of her, but point blank she is not pretty.  I will go as far as saying I have seen many trannys that have prettier and more appealing faces than her.

On the more serious side, trannys have to endure a lot to become who they feel they are.  It takes a tremendous amount of ambition to say you are going to recreate yourself as the opposite sex and I respect anyone willing to climb mountains to achieve a goal.  Additionally I think it’s a sad reality that for one to achieve their goal, they most resort to prostitution and pornography, but it’s the means to an end I suppose.  You can put me on record as saying the upper echelon of trannys have the ability to make me forget they are really men and actually turn me on, at least through the aid of photo-shopped pictures that don’t show their dicks.

I don’t want to say it’s time for the bad cop, but just the other cop.  While I disapprove of hatred towards trannys and gay men as well, I can say I understand it at the same time.  Those kind of things conjure up a visceral negative response in straight men.  If I see someone eat shit or drink piss, I will feel disgusted because our brain is programmed to be repulsed by those things.  I had that same reaction when I watched a tranny porn once.  It was an Allanah Starr flick and I think she is attractive, but when I see a dick, I think “man” and that’s it, it was game over.  Inserting shit in my ass is off limits, much less a dick and I’m not trying to see a dude suck a dick.  I quickly realized the shit was not for me.  It weirded me out and I threw it away after one viewing, but I’m man enough to admit I bought it out of curiosity.  I’m also man enough to refer to a tranny as a “she” and not condescendingly as a “he”, even ones that clearly have a lot of room for improvement in making Gov. Patterson think they are women.  Funny how one may say a cock and balls constitutes a man, but that same person will not consider a flaming gay, with bigger cock and balls than he, to not be a real “man.”

The bottom line with trannys in porn is that they are just trying to make some dough and live a better life.  Is that so bad?  In New York, we’re all about hustlin’, I would think in La La land it’s the same and you wouldn’t knock the hustle.  I think you guys can chill a little on making them feel as small as possible, which by the way is not relaying a valid opinion as much as attempting to inflict pain, like how rapists do it for the power and control and not the sex.  Many people must enjoy tranny porn as it is most definitely proliferating and money in porn is not a zero sum game for all you peddlers.  As Tony Soprano once said, “Truth be told, there’s plenty of garbage for everyone.”

I see plenty of hate my way on the site, but I couldn’t care less.  Last time I checked my shit was the actual story and the hate was just comments.  That’s like an extra on a Tom Hanks movie hating on his acting skills.  Why would Tom care, the extra has no platform and no expertise, which is why they are extras to begin with.  I think a lot of the hate is genuinely funny, even if it is mean spirited in nature.  I laugh my ass off sometimes reading how people get on me.  When a blogger at another site wrote an entire article on how much I suck, I was more amazed at how much effort he put into bashing me and wondering why he felt so threatened as this man is supposed to be established and I’m a new jack.  When a whore who blogs criticized my grammar, all I could do was laugh because the day I start sucking dicks is the day she can criticize my technique; people gotta play their positions.  If you are known for fucking bitches in videos then stick to that, this literary shit is not for you as much as you would really, really like it to be.

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