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10 of the most encountered people around me
by Stunning Summer from her blog


Since I have been around the adult industry for a while. In all different capacities.

Here is the list of the type of people I come across.

Some are interesting,funny and just plain entertaing. then there are those who are annoying, irritating and pkain pain in the asses.

And others ….well loving,enjoyable and a pleasure to communicate with…

1) the guy who calls your phone after seeing advertisment who never plans on meeting you…But just wants to hear your voice…..annoying

2)the guy who wants to negotiate your fees….because after all…his dick is the biggest and he is the best lay ypou will ever have again….. entertaining…but annoying

3)the guy who has done a few porn movies so he knows a few names…but he thinks he will con you into thinking he has lots of connections…and in turn get you work…but has no creditials……just a plain pain in the ass

4) How about the guy who sends you emails or letters how much they wanna fuck you harder then anyone on the pkanet…like they are superman ready to destroy my kryoton size ass…..entertaining…..

5) The fans who send me kind sweet notes on how much they jack off to my movies,magazines, and pictures…..OH I LOVE YOU!! glad to make you come hard!!!

6)The fan who sends a manefesto long email….love it but…I get bored quick on long letters…shorten them up please…

7) The guys who pretend to be producers with fake ass pornsites…no cameras no refrences….fucking pain in the ass and annoying as hell and a waste of time.

8) The porn people who say they wanna work but can’t ever show up..or be on time……exhuasting and annoying….

9)The adult magazine writers……oh my god you guys are so hot and I love and appreciate everything you do…

10)The girls I have brung along to teach the real game to……..lets just say…fucking annoying,pain in the ass and lazy as all hell…..

there it is the 10 most encountered on this journey to bring you either a porn movie off the chain. Or my private encounters……

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