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Blow Bang Mope Zack Cummings Feels Bad For Ugly Black Males With “Freakish Huge Dicks”

LOL Bruh..

Mope Zach Cummings seems to have dick envy…

I usually don’t get into who’s ugly and who’s not..But, for this post I will.

Zach, you have a caterpillar brow, you weigh about a buck 40 and are shorter than most 6th graders,  at this point in your career, you’re lower than a Billy Boston. The fact you go around telling people you should be “Best Male Newcomer” with this resume boggles my mind.

14 credits, and half of them are blow bangs. LOL

You’re so NOT popular , that when I Google search you, the only reason you come up, is you’re scene partner.

Enjoy this post, this is as big as you’re ever gonna get.

And yes, after these tweets, his agency cut ties with him.





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