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BlueBird Wants to Distribute Their Own Products

NL- Bluebird is putting out some fine product, even I want to see the movies. Basically this Bluebird PR  says they will now be distributing their own product, and they will not be having Private doing distribution. Private is suing them over it.



VENICE, CA In September 2009, Eyeworld and Fraserside, an affiliate of Private, entered into a joint venture agreement to distribute Bluebird’s content on a world-wide basis. However, after only a few months into the relationship, the parties agreed to part ways. Nicholas Steele, CEO of Bluebird America, stated: “both Eyeworld and Private terminated the joint venture. Bluebird is now handling worldwide distribution on all platforms directly.”

Paul Chaplin, the Chairman of Eyeworld, stated: “Several months ago, we terminated the joint venture based upon the numerous breaches of Fraserside.  In response, Fraserside also terminated the relationship. However, we understand that they are out there trying to claim that they still have the right to distribute Bluebird content. We talked to Ilan Blundervitz – Private’s CEO – about all this. His stance was ‘I want Bluebird content – I need it’.  We agree that Bluebird’s content is the best content around, but we do not agree that Private can come back after the termination and claim to have distribution rights to Bluebird’s content.”


As a result, in May of this year, Eyeworld filed suit against Fraserside in the Superior Court of California seeking approximately one million dollars in damages and a judicial declaration formally dissolving the joint venture. Chaplin continued: “Unfortunately, instead of accepting the fact that both sides terminated the deal, we are in litigation. After we filed suit for money damages and dissolution in San Francisco, Fraserside filed a baseless and inadequate lawsuit in Los Angeles against Bluebird. We are confident that both Eyeworld and Bluebird will prevail in this litigation, and Fraserside’s baseless claims will be dismissed.”


Bluebird Films is a global producer of premium adult content, helmed by Paul Chaplin, the owner and creative force, and also the recipient of AVN’s 2010 Best New Director – Foreign Feature. With award winning producer/director and Bluebird CEO Nicholas Steele, as well as working studios in Los Angeles, London and Prague, Bluebird is taking flight as a force to be reckoned with in 2010. Check out Bluebird Films at, or follow them at

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