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Bo Kenney is back, And Just What Does “WEEDY” Smell Like? Lol

King Weedy To Mix Business with Pleasure

(Hollywood, CA) King Weedy is the latest culture sensation to hit the US.

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll have been a part of American culture for many years so it’s no surprise that one of porn’s biggest players is at the heart of the operation but there are actually no drugs involved at all.

“Its aromatherapy,” stated Bo Kenney who made his name with east coast distributor LGI Digital and his Sex Z Pictures company which won back-to-back AVN Awards for Best Picture Video just two years ago.  

Kenney, with 30 years in the adult movie industry has seen just about everything and his King Weedy products are enhancing homes across America with pleasant fragrances and mood-lifting aromas.

Aromatherapy comes completely packaged and ready to go with dozens of unique products providing a sensational feeling of good will and happiness.  Aromatic Jamaican incense is the main product but there are many other packaged items to choose from at 

“This stuff is really catching on and we just can’t manufacture it fast enough,” Kenney said

“This is the first time I’ve been back to the show since we won best video for Upload two years ago and Corruption the year before so I’ve got some catching up to do with some of my old friends and hopefully we’ll be doing some new business together with King Weedy.”

A dozen SexZ Girls will be passing out free samples and information about the product at the show because making people feel good is the name of the game in Las Vegas.

“Listen, this is a completely different product than adult movies but the name of the game is the same and that’s making people feel better and I truly believe our King Weedy product does just that.  Check it out for yourself.”


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