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Bobbi Dylan’s Obsession With Billy Boston Detailed #Stalker #Bully

There are 2 types of unhappy people in this world, those that are unhappy, and those that are unhappy and want everyone else to be miserable too.

Bobbi is a certified nut, we all know that, dropped by agency after agency, due to her public outbursts and attacks, she still aimlessly runs her mouth, and like a typical lib, blames everyone else for her failed porn career.

Bobbi and Billy started dating right before AVN 2018 and lasted roughly 5 months. The relationship started to deteriorate when Bobbi started staying in LA for extended periods of time. And no, it wasn’t to shoot, it was for OTHER reasons which have no real bearing on this story so I wont get into them.

It got so bad that Bobbi asked Billy to leave, and not just leave, it was leave because I called the cops on you. Keep in mind Bobbi isn’t in in Vegas, according to Billy, she’s in LA with another dude, doing no telling what. In a normal environment, some would call it cheating, not sure what it’s called in the sex work industry.

So Billy leaves and goes to another performers home, while there, Bobbi texts and says the cops are looking for him and he’s “just making it harder on himself.” When that doesn’t work, Bobbi tells him don’t worry I squashed it all, you can go back. Billy, went back, partially due to Bobbi’s dog being left alone in the apt.

When Billy lets Bobbi know he’s back, Bobbi tells the cops. Come to find out, Bobbi also told the cops Billy had a gun, and was suicidal. So when the cops came, there were 5 or 6 of them. It wasn’t a SWAT team raid as Bobbi claims, it was a “backup he may wanna kill himself” arrest. Watch Live PD sometime, count how many officers are involved when they THINK there may be a firearm. And of course they think there is a gun because Bobbi told them there was, while in another state mind you.

Finding NO gun, because Billy was, according to Bobbi Dylan, suicidal, he LEGALLY had to be brought in on a 5150. This is where Bobbi’s plan backfired, the Officers made her come home to take care of the “Service” dog she had. Odd that she would go to LA without her service dog, what would of happened if Lansky called and said “Bobbi, we are doing an IR Kung Fu movie and we need you.”

So Kung Fu had drive back to Vegas, the cops fed and watered the dog, and took Billy in on the 5150. How long was suicidal Billy in for you ask? 8-10 hours, long enough for DOCTORS to realize he wasn’t a danger to himself or others. What was he charged with? Nothing.

However Bobbi, who showed up at the Hospital to cause more trouble and was forced to leave by security. Why in the world would security tell her to leave? Bobbi is a caring sex workers advocate with a service dog, not a fucking nutjob.

So this is where were most bad break ups end. Billy learned a lesson and moved on. Bobbi, unfortunately still hasn’t moved on.

Lets start with, in 15 months, Bobbi has sent out 136 public tweets about Billy and countless DM’s to talent, production companies and agencies, some more than once, and as recently as yesterday.

I think the most disturbing of these 3 DMs, is Bobbi was willing to start a HIV epidemic rumor just to get back at an ex-boyfriend. But then this is the same chick who tweeted links to a site that made headlines for doxing 15,000 porn performers.

Lets examine these allegations real fast, first, as we covered earlier, Bobbi is the one who had him taken in on the 5150, and nothing came of it, second, when he was arrested there was NO gun, 3rd, how can his test NOT be accurate, he’s in PASS and as of this writing, cleared to shoot.  Bobbi was never held hostage, she wasn’t in Vegas at the time. Although she claims she was, there was never a case filed and Billy was never arrested for it.

FYI, Billy is named after an Uncle who passed away before he was born, he didn’t change his name, and had he, he didn’t change his finger prints, so when he was brought in, he would of been correctly ID’d

Since the breakup, Billy has shot close to 50 scenes, and clip stuff, NOT ONE complaint has been made about him. He’s worked for Brazzers, RK, Cherry Pimps, Team Skeet, NO ISSUES. But here we are 15 months later and stalker Bobbi is DM’ing people about him.

Here’s a good one, Billy got a gig as a PA on a Brazzers set and made the mistake of talking publicly about it, the next day, he goes out to head to work and and his tires are slashed. Not just one, making it impossible to drive even with a spare. Gee, I wonder who did that?  Bobbi basically took credit for it to other performers.

Billy the abuser has been in 2 relationships since the break up, one for a few months and the other for 7.  No allegations of abuse, the only abuse going on was Bobbi sub-tweeting one of the ex’s, talking shit.

Bobbi and Billy shot content together, with paperwork and after the breakup, Bobbi went after both Clips for Sale and Many Vids about having the content removed, even though it was %100 legit. Clips told her to kick rocks, Many Vids asked Billy not load anymore content with Bobbi.  Sounds like someone is having a move on issue. Of course this didn’t stop her when she asked another performer for content of Billy, content she filmed of Billy, to sell on her site, when the performer didn’t have it, she asked the performer to reach out to Billy for it. LOL

Billy told me he thinks Bobbi tried to ruin him for credibly reasons. He claims she’s talked so much shit about others to him she’s afraid it wold get around, so her best course of action is to keep industry people from talking to him. Makes sense

I think Bobbi’s obsession with him runs deeper,  She outed him to his family, and has privately given his number to fans so they could harass him.

Outing people is nothing new to Bobbi, she’s done it to multiple performers who’ve crossed paths with her, which is one of the reasons people dont like to cross paths with her, Bobbi thinks its because shes “tough” but its really because she has a reputation for using back channels to attack people. Whether it be calling family members jobs, calling CPS, making up 5150 stories. Bobbi doesn’t care. A true psychopath, she’s only concerned with making others as miserable as she is. She’s basically the one who gets caught and gives everyone else up.

She outed Billy by contacting his 65 year old mother and sending her links to his clips stores, who the fuck does that?

Bobbi likes to “warn” people about Billy, if I were the one being warned, I’d ask myself why is she still talking about his guy a year and half later?

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