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Bobbi “Kung Fu” Dylan Hates Wayne Brady

Famous tough girl Bobbi Dylan isn’t a Wayne Brady fan.

Bobbi, the ex-girlfriend of porn superstar Billy Boston, spent a majority of her weekend attacking a fellow roster mate, when it was all over, Bobbi needed some “cuddles”


You would figure that a chick who only bangs black guys would recognize a Chappelle show quote when she sees it.. Bobbi spends about 5 hours a week telling the world how ghetto she is but she doesn’t recognize arguably the 2nd most popular Chappelle skit of all time?  Rick James/Charlie Murphy hold the one spot

Nope… She went a whole other direction

I wonder if this guy knows Bobbi grew up in the projects honing her Kung Fu skills on the Crips and the Bloods? lol Right hook


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