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Bogus Shoots

Justin Syder emails:

Returning from a  get out of porn valley for a minute weekend today and turning the cell phone back on to find among others  5 missed calls from an unknown number…rollin up the 5 and number six comes in…Hello? …Justin? Its Mick Blue…Uhhh hey Mick hows Prague? …no Im here in LA…Im shooting all this week and need you for some scenes…Hmmm says I…gonna have to call my agent…heard this one before….recognize the accent..tomorrow I need you to shoot 2 scenes…one with Lucy Lei and Mia Rose….then another with Hailey Young, Victoria Sin and India Summer….wow Mick…Not sure my dick can reach to Utah where India is right now…long story short…It of course wasn’t Mick,  just the fucking fuckwad whos been calling everyone including talent and agencies sending them on bogus shoots…DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY CREDIBLE INFO ON THIS RETARDED LOSER OR KNOW OF HIS WHEREABOUTS? … theres a diving board on this bridge in Brooklyn I want to show him….

heads up to the porn army….This clowns at it again…

Phatzane emails:

this is phatzane from i too was tricked by this “wannabe mick blue”. unfortunately for me, i wasnt as smart as justin to realize it was a scam until after i arrived at an empty location. the scariest thing about this, this man sounds very professional…in fact the house he sent me to is a known shooting location and i have shot there before. this man is going too far to get his information, how he got justins contact info im not sure. he got mine from me, through a fake xpeeps profile posing as pornstar janet peron… ….notice some of her/his pics still have my name in them….janet was one of the girls there was supposedly scheduled over the next week, along with 5 others just like justin mentioned….im sure i wont be the last to come forward with news of this fucked up loser….guaranteed he was watching me that day at the empty house…my driver said the same thing, as we both knew instantly it was a scam….i let it go but when someone emailed justin’s comments i had to email you…..dudes, dont accept blocked calls from this FAKE mick blue…!

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